Creating New Habits {30 Day Self-Improvement Tips}

Creating New Habits {30 Day Self-Improvement Tips}

Fortunately, we live in a day and age where not everything is about us. We seek to improve not only our lives, but the lives of others, as well.

While this is more commonplace these days, it is still sometimes a struggle to create this mindset as a way of being rather than return to old habits.

Read more about creating new habits in the first edition of our 30 Day Self-Improvement Tips.

Old habits and patterns are sometimes hard to break. We may wish them away and want to do better and be more, but without practical tips and advice along with creating new habits, we remain stuck in the same old place

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Old habits and patterns are sometimes hard to break. We may wish them away and want to do better and be more, but without practical tips and advice along with creating new habits, we remain stuck in the same old place.

If you’re looking to become a better you, the following thirty tips will smooth the transition and have you creating new habits in no time at all.

Creating New Habits

Here are your first 6 Self-Improvement Tips:

  1. Take Time for You – While you might associate being a better person with doing more for others, the truth is you need to take time for yourself in order to be that better person. If you are burned out and stressed, you will not be a positive contribution to anyone. Taking time out for yourself is not selfish; it gives you the opportunity to refresh your own well-being.
  2. Create Daily Me Time – Once you understand that taking time out for yourself is a contribution then it’s time to schedule it. It is important to keep your integrity to yourself when declaring your “me” time. Set aside some time daily. If you are like most, this may seem near impossible; but guess what? You can find 15 minutes every day.
  3. Be Dedicated to Your Personal Time Now – If you don’t respect your personal time, no one else will. Take your 15 minute meditation time in the morning or your daily time out on the front stoop just listening to nature. You can also reflect on recent events and write in your journal.
  4. Let Others Know You are Serious about Your Personal Time – Once you have an established amount of time and set time of day, let everyone know you have a big, “Do Not Disturb” sign on your back. I find it helpful in turning off my phone, too. However, it’s only fifteen minutes a day, and everyone will survive without you for a short time. If you need more help on how to let others know, check out Living Forward.
  5. Choose How You Start Your Day – You can choose to start your day grumpy and irritable or you can choose to start your day grateful that you were given another chance to enjoy life and love. The choice is always yours. You can learn from others too. Choose to wake up declaring out loud a few things you are grateful for and watch how this daily habit changes your day and your life.
  6. Start a Gratitude Journal – When you are feeling overwhelmed, grab a journal and write down your feelings – even if they are negative. Then, give it a new spin. For example, even though I didn’t get the promotion I wanted, I now know what the process is and what I need to work on to better my chances before I put in for the next promotion. I am exactly where I am supposed to be in this moment and am grateful for the great things to come.

Which self-improvement tip can you get started on today? Share with me in the comments below!

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Disclaimer: Not everyone is the same, so you may not like each one of these tips, or they just may not apply to you, but maybe something in this list will spark inspiration for your own self-improvement.

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10 Responses to Creating New Habits {30 Day Self-Improvement Tips}

  1. Hello. Thanks for the reminder to take time for me. I always feel better and am more productive when I do that. I have started meditating a few minutes every day. It helps me deal with the overwhelm of life.

  2. I love these suggestions and I can speak to how much better one’s view of the world can be once you practice stepping away from it.

    It’s not easy to make any habit stick, you have to work at it, but so worthwhile.

  3. Thank you for sharing these tips. After a major back step that happened in my life I need to work on self-improvement. I will try the things you suggested.

  4. I love the tip about waking up grateful. It puts a whole different spin on your day if you choose to start with gratitude, rather than complaining.

  5. These suggestions are great and I’m a strong believer in ‘me time’. I like your point about advising others of ‘your time’ as it is important not to be interrupted and that others respect the time you have set aside from yourself.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond.

  6. Thanks for sharing these very helpful suggestions. I especially like the idea of choosing how to start the day. I’ve started to get into the habit of “Pre-paving” either my whole day, or segments of the day. Basically, doing a quick visualization exercise of how I would like things to go. For example, “Today’s presentation is going to go beautifully! Everyone is going to love my ideas!” As I say the words, I play the desired scenario in my mind.

  7. i was a little wary of the gratitude thing [F in your list]. Then I got into a conversation with a woman who was cleaning my apartment. She was one of 14 kids in El Salvador. Her father not only beat all the kids and the mom, but he once was so angry at her (for defending her mom) that he put a gun to her head and pulled the trigger. the only thing that saved her, she says, was a sudden jerk back of her head. Tho it was 30 or 40 years ago, her eyes filled with tears at the awfulness of that moment. I heard that story and thought of all the complaints we [my friends, me] may have about our parents. They are small potatoes compared to what many other people in this world are going through. I am filled with gratitude for the safe upbringing I had. I’m now into the weekly gratitude list. They may not be big things but there is so much to put on it.

  8. My personal time starts the moment I walk into the gym. That’s time that I’ve created into a habit just so then I can meet my daily fitness goal.

    I’ve learn to hold myself accountable when there were days I could have went but choose not too and the guilt most definitely hit.

    Learning how to dedicate myself to fitness has helped me accomplish things in other areas of my life. Especially when I desperately want to be the greatest version of my self! Great tips!

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