5 Steps to Creating a Consistent Content Plan

5 Steps to Creating a Consistent Content Plan

“I don’t know what to say!”
“So few people open my emails, so why bother.”
“I don’t want to upset people by emailing too often – and get unsubscribes.”

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I hear this all the time about when I ask how often people email their list.

So what do you do? Anything else but plan your email and content plan. 🙂

One of the reasons many people claim that they have trouble creating email content is that they don’t understand why they’re creating it. But guess what?

Creating a content schedule doesn’t have to be super difficult or overwhelming.

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Join me below, as I share 5 steps you can use right away: “How To Come Up With A Easy Content Schedule That Doesn’t Kill Your Time”.

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  1. It is exhausting trying to figure everything out alone. I appreciate learning from those who have already figured out strategies and templates that are effective!

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