6 Habits That Are Destroying Your Productivity

6 Habits That Are Destroying Your Productivity

Are you constantly scratching your head at the end of the day, wondering why you feel like you worked so much to get nowhere?

The good news is that you are not alone, but unfortunately, there is bad news too.

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The bad news is the habits you have adopted over time are killing your productivity. It doesn’t matter how busy you are. If you are not doing the right tasks to complete the job, you will never get it done.

Here are six habits that are destroying your productivity that you must end today:

Doing Everything at The Same Time

Most tasks require your undivided attention to get done and get it done well.

Stop multitasking and expecting too much from yourself at all given times.

You are not productive.

You are only causing unnecessary stress, confusion, and poor-quality work.

Avoiding Technology or Using Too Much

Are you still keeping track of your bills, inventory, and tasks on paper?

That is slowing you down too.

Utilize technology where appropriate but be sure not to overdo it.

Technology can be great until it becomes a distraction instead.

Not Following A Schedule or Routine

While it can seem like a business owner waking up and going with the day’s flow would be fabulous, the truth is, it’s not great for business or productivity.

Routines and schedules make your day easier and help guide you in the right direction.

When you have a clear idea of your goals and what to do next, you can get it done faster and with more confidence.

You can create a morning routine that will help set the tone for your day, grab a FREE checklist to get started on creating a Productive and Successful morning routine!!

Poor Sleep and Diet Choices

It’s not something anyone wants to hear or admit to, but your diet and exercise routine has a direct reflection on how you perform throughout your day.

Your work, business, relationships, and mental state are all affected by what you do and eat, negatively and positively.

You’ve already heard the common phrase “you are what you eat,” and it’s true.

Too much sugar and not enough nutrients from your diet leads to mental fog, body pain, and fatigue that can negatively strain your overall performance. 

Poor Communication Skills

Too much back and forth and confusion takes away the time you need to get work done efficiently.

Not only that, poor communication means it’s likely not getting done correctly either.

You are only pushing your schedule back and getting you off the path.

Poor or Distracting Work Environments

Working at a coffee shop or home is a dream come true for many entrepreneurs, but they quickly learn it comes with many challenges.

If you are easily distracted, your work environment needs to be completely free of distractions.

Being busy and thinking that busy means productivity is also a bad habit.

That thought process must be changed.

Break your bad habits now so you can work less and do more. 

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