6 Tips To Help You Handle Your Distracting Devices

6 Tips To Help You Handle Your Distracting Devices

Does it sometimes feel like your attention span is shrinking to the size of a grain of sand?

These days with all our digital devices, it’s harder than ever to concentrate.

We rely on this technology for communicating and gathering information, but it can also derail our concentration completely and contribute to a sense of feeling overwhelmed.

6 Tips To Help You Handle Your Distracting Devices

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Since you need your digital devices, here are some tips on handling them well so you can get things done.

Turn Off Or Limit Notifications

We could all do with fewer beeps and chimes in our lives.

One handy feature of some devices is a “Do Not Disturb” function that you can set for a period of time.

Set Aside Social Media Time

If you tend to drift onto Facebook and lose all hope of getting work done, stay logged out and set aside dedicated time in your day for scrolling through your news feed.

Create No-Screen Time

During certain times of the day, physically remove your devices from around you.

Quitting the first-thing-in-the-morning device check can greatly cut down on your feeling of overwhelm.

Designate Urgent vs. Non-Urgent

You don’t have to answer every text right now.

Designate certain people or apps as “urgent” (family, colleagues at work, etc.) and save the rest for later.

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Save For Later

If you find yourself going down an internet rabbit hole, save the stuff you’re looking at as a bookmark or on your home screen and come back to it later.

Check Out Your Usage

Many devices offer metrics on how you’re using them.

Looking at this data can be revealing as you discover you’re wasting more time than you thought.

Try some of the above tips and you’re guaranteed to not only have more time and concentration, but also feel less harassed by your devices.

Leave us a comment and share what you do to help limit the amount of time you are on your devices.

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