Be More Accountable and Consistent By Sharing Your Goals

Be More Accountable and Consistent By Sharing Your Goals

If your goals are a secret, are you really making much of a commitment?

Keeping your goals from others is a direct path to failure.

This doesn’t mean it should be the only thing you talk about, but if you don’t share them, you likely are not doing the right actions to achieve them.

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You are allowing other people to get in your way of success.

You need to share your goals so you can be more accountable, consistent, and successful.

The following are five ways that will help you be more accountable and how it leads to a more prosperous life:

Blog or Vlog About It

Share your goals or progress by developing and editing videos and posting them to YouTube or other social media platforms.

Tell Your Friends, Family, and Co-Workers

Pretty much let everyone know about your goals and aspirations.

However, don’t let this be your only focus.

Just let them know when the time is right so you can be sure to stay on track.

Surround Yourself with Like-Minded People  

Not only is this a great way to keep you consistent and accountable, it can also be a great source of motivation to do and be better at sticking to your goals.

Different people can also provide new information and perspectives that give you more knowledge to perform better or think more positively.

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Find an Accountability Partner

If you don’t like the idea of telling everything, then an accountability partner is your next best option.

Pick a person who is fully willing to say to you how it is – even if it hurts.

Accountability partners only work if they want to help and don’t enable you instead.

Get A Coach or Mentor

A coach or mentor is like a glorified accountability partner.

They are packed full of knowledge, education, and experiences to help you be a better person.

They won’t be afraid to tell you how it takes to get where you want to be.

To live the life you desire, by becoming a goal crusher through productivity, you need to commit to it.

Letting others know is the first step towards a successful commitment to achieve the life you want. Otherwise, you will only permit yourself to stay on the wrong path.

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