Be Proactive About Your Happiness to Stave Off Aging

Be Proactive About Your Happiness to Stave Off Aging

I always believe that happiness doesn’t just affect your emotional well being, it can also affect your health. When you’re happy, not only do you feel better all over, but you can actually stave off aging. Even for myself, being happy and positive makes me look, and feel younger! Here are my tips on how to be proactive about your happiness to stave off aging!

How do you keep yourself young? Be Proactive About Your Happiness to Stave Off Aging.

Be Proactive About Your Happiness to Stave Off Aging

Of course, making sure that you live a lifestyle that promotes good health does help you win the fight against aging. Plus, a healthy lifestyle can make you feel better emotionally – especially if you exercise – because exercise boosts your endorphin level, which is the feel good hormone.

Health and happiness are linked together like an unending circle. When you know that you’re doing what you can to be healthy, this impacts your mood. You feel lighter, energized and happy.

The benefit to doing what you can to feel good about yourself and be happy can give you more health benefits. When you’re happy and you have a positive outlook in life, you’ll take better care of yourself physically.

When a person is not happy, negative emotions can affect whether or not they’re proactive with their health. So then they end up feeling bad physically, which pours right back into feeling bad emotionally.

The key is to spend time every day doing things that you really like to do. This might be exercise, a hobby, or spending time with friends or family. When you do activities or take action that makes you feel happy, this boosts your health and fights back against aging.

Whether or not you’re happy can impact all areas of your life. Happiness makes it easier to do whatever your day to day tasks are. You’ll look forward to the mornings instead of dreading them.

You’ll have pep in your step rather than dreading the dawning of each new day. When you’re happier, you tend to invest in yourself because happiness is also tied in with a higher level of self-esteem.

Happiness leads people to be more active than people who feel down. This mood can continue as you grow older and you’ll make choices that will lend itself toward the kind of lifestyle that’s proactive against aging, too. These choices can involve learning and setting new goals for your happiness as you age.

People who aren’t happy tend to move slower. They don’t move as fast going through day to day activities or when walking. The moods that someone feels tends to affect how they walk and the speed of the walk.

As you age, your physical ability slows down, but people who make it a choice to be proactive about happiness don’t lose their speed as quickly as people who aren’t happy.

Studies have shown that people who are happy in life have a longer life expectancy. Better health is found among people who are well off financially, have a good education, are in a committed relationship and have a job or career they enjoy. Worse health is found in people who are dismal about life.

I’ve learned a lot about being happy over the years, and it plays a major role in my life. Now, it’s your turn. You can learn how to be happy, too, with the Happiness Guide: How to Get Happy & Stay Happy.

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Share with me some of your tips on how you are being proactive about your happiness in the comments below!

6 Responses to Be Proactive About Your Happiness to Stave Off Aging

  1. I loved this!! Being happy is such a struggle for some. Being caught in a cycle of complaint and anger is not how I want to age!

    • Thank you, Jennifer. I think we all want to grow old happy, not angry. 🙂 It really makes a difference.

  2. So true. We all have days when we feel like our world just ended — but it is a choice how we perceive it and if we will live there!

  3. I have always been a professional humorist, writing funny columns for newspapers and magazines. Now, for websites. However, it’s only as I have aged that I have learned to appreciate the healing qualities of laughter. Writing allows me to take the most painful events and turn them into raucous humor. Being happy isn’t just healthy. It is healing!

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