Burney Falls Camping

Burney Falls Camping

Cory and I headed out for some much needed R&R and much needed day of rest. We went camping at Burney Falls, CA. We decided to rent a cabin since the first night was supposed to be 28 degrees. Their little cabins were so cute and had heat! Which by the last night we didn’t even turn it on at all. This campground has running water, flushed toilets, and community showers! At Burney Falls Camping I was in heaven!

Need a nice getaway to relax? Check out Burney Falls Camping for your next vacation. Enjoy the outdoors and discover beautiful wildlife in the California mountains!

Burney Falls Camping

The mornings were super brisk. I’m not sure how Cory made it through the entire trip in shorts! Blue jays and squirrels were in abundance and they were beggars! While sitting around the campfire, I managed to slip on some hot pink shoes, and just enjoyed my surroundings in peace.
Burney Falls11

After spending the first morning reading, we decided to head out to see the falls and came across a family of deer. As we hiked the short Falls Loop – Cory kept looking back at me to see if I was keeping up since I kept stopping to take pictures! It’s so hard to take ‘selfies’. Burney Falls Collage2And, here we are. Beautiful Burney Falls. Gotta love that sunlight, too. It’s one of those moments where you just breathe in and out, and enjoy the scene. BurneyFalls22 Collage

Whenever we get the chance to get away, nature always relaxes us. I think working in an office all day, you don’t get to see much. So, just being outside, enjoying the sun and breathtaking waterfalls is definitely R&R worthy. We have enjoyed the outdoors in the middle of winter, in the summertime mountains, but most often in the fall!

What is your favorite season to be outside? Share with me some of your favorite “outside” moments in the comment section below! AND let me know if you have enjoyed Burney Falls Camping as much as we did.

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