Finding the Source of Your Motivation

Finding the Source of Your Motivation

You know what needs to be done. It’s obvious when you look at yourself or what lies around you. The work has been assigned, whether by your superior or yourself, and you must get started – but somehow, you lack the motivation to get off square one. Finding the source of your motivation is key to finding success.

Finding the Source of Your Motivation isn't always easy. See some methods to help you get back on track.

Finding the Source of Your Motivation

Success can’t be achieved without motivation. And when I’m starting on a new project, I always ask myself, “where is the source of my motivation?” Where can I turn for the inspiration that will propel me forward?

We’re all different and are all motivated by different things. I am motivated by the visualization of completing the task and reaching the goal.

It could be to get a job promotion and a bigger paycheck, finish another chapter in the book I’m reading, or losing five pounds by the end of the week. Seeing myself as I actually grasp these goals motivate me to the road to success.

Visualize completion. Never lose sight of your ultimate goal. Know you’re going to get what you deserve soon and push forward with renewed motivation. You know that success is not just an option but is a real fact. Believe this and motivation is easy.

Preparation fuels motivation. Motivation without the skills to achieve your goals is not enough and if you know you’re lacking something to move forward motivation is hard to summon. Motivation is fueled by knowledge followed closely by persistence.

Change your environment. New surroundings often give you a renewed outlook on your life. It can be something simple. Put a new plant in your home or office, hang a new picture or open the curtains and let in the light.

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This also includes surrounding yourself with positive people. When you’re around positive and successful friends their attitude rubs off on you. You absorb their energy. Conversely, when you’re with negative people or drab and depressing surroundings you absorb that energy as well.

Other methods to find the source of your motivation is to re-evaluate your tasks and make certain you’re working toward your goal. Brainstorm and look for new information.

I do this by taking breaks, going for walks, exercising, or work on my garden, or relax with an inspirational book. Using your brain in different ways will stimulate it and stimulation leads to motivation.

Do something for others. When we do for others we find motivation within ourselves. Many times the way I achieve my goal is to assist others in reaching theirs.

Seek to serve and you’ll become energized and motivated when people rely on you. Disappoint them and you disappoint yourself – and you’re not going to let that happen, are you?

Some find a motivational source by talking or reading aloud to themselves. Keep an inspirational book handy at all times. I like referring to the Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  When I actually hear the positive affirmations, they become more effective.

Motivation comes from many different sources and you must find what works for you from within. Believe in yourself. Anticipate the good that will happen in your life. Never fear the bad. Do this and motivation is yours.

How are you finding the source of your motivation? Share with me in the comments!

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  1. I think visualisation of success is really key in being motivated and achieving your goals. When you can imagine how life would be like after you have achieved the goal, it makes you push yourself to go even further. Really enjoyed reading this post!

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