Ham and Cheese Melt

Ham and Cheese Melt

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What’s on the menu today? Ham and cheese melt that will melt your mouth away. Use simple ingredients to make a delicious lunch or hearty dinner.

If you love melty sandwiches, try one of my favorite go-to's from Emeril Lagasse's recipe. This ham and cheese melt is delicious!

Ham and Cheese Melt

One thing I always like to do is add extra ingredients into my sandwiches to not make it so basic, or boring. When there’s more, it also allows you to only eat half instead of the whole sandwich. Save the other half for leftover lunch the next day or share with your spouse or friend.

I added cooked chicken breast and left out the mustard since I’m not a big fan. I also served it with slices of pickles, and hot banana pepper rings.

This is one filling sandwich you won’t regret! Enjoy!

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