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Happiness Matters

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This assessment is designed to help you figure out how well you are living your unique Happiness Type. This assessment helps you prioritize and focus on the areas of your life that will give you the most happiness.

Aren’t you tired of feeling guilty for wanting more in life? but you are not sure what more is?

Aren’t you tired of the monotony; the mundane routine every day brings? 

Aren’t you tired of just being plain tired all the time from doing too much and never feeling like you can get it all done? 

Do you find yourself thinking ‘is this it?’ when you think about where your life is heading? 

Are you ready to start making small changes to bring happiness into your daily life? Maybe you’ve already discovered small happiness habits, such as going to yoga. But you still feel dissatisfied and can’t figure out exactly why? 

Going to yoga is not enough!

It’s time to figure out how to turn that peace you get from your yoga session into a repeatable peaceful feeling that lasts throughout your day. 

I want to be your guide as you learn how to make more time in your day for happiness. 

I created an assessment to help you rate how well you are living in alignment with your Happiness Type, and then, show you exactly what you can do (based on your Happiness Type) to start experiencing more happiness by adding bite-sized habits into your daily life. 

Happiness Assessment

My Happiness Assessment will help you...  

  • Reduce your overwhelm about “having to do it all.” It’s not about achieving “balance” in every part of your life – is that a relief? 
  • Learn to prioritize where you focus your time and energy to experience the greatest happiness. 
  • Discover specific, actionable happiness habits that you can easily begin to integrate into your day. 
  • Be in control of your ability to feel happy. Happiness isn’t something that “happens to you”, but rather something you choose to create. I’ll show you how. 
  • Find out how creating a Happiness Practice can transform your daily experience from feeling like you’re on autopilot to enjoying each day as a gift
  • Start to experience more satisfying relationships, better health and more success in your career…. because as you become happier, it will spill over into every part of your life. 

If you’re ready to trade in your unsatisfying daily routine for an exuberantly joyful one instead, then I invite you to take my Happiness Assessment so you can finally break free you’re your imprisoned zombie-land.

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