4 Tricks to Strive for Happiness by Being Yourself

4 Tricks to Strive for Happiness by Being Yourself

Every day isn’t always a happy day.

Sometimes we have to put on a happy face and fake it!

Other days you just need to find happiness by being yourself.

4 Tricks to Strive for Happiness by Being Yourself

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If you let the standards of society drive who you are, you are not living your own life.

You are living like a drone or a robot.

While you have to abide by the laws set out by society, you don’t have to listen to society’s guidelines.

You will be happier when you define how you want to live. No one ever stands out by being the same as everyone else.

Tip 1: Do not conform to what society tells you to be.

When you make the decision to live life as you see fit, you will feel free.

For example, if your parents want you to be a lawyer and they sent you to law school, but you have always wanted to do something else you will find yourself in an unhappy situation.

What usually happens?

You either stick with it and hate what you do or you move on to find something more fulfilling.

Tip 2: Make decisions based on what YOU want.

How do you determine what is going to make you happy?

To answer that question, the next time you find yourself daydreaming, try to pay attention to what it is you were daydreaming about.

If the same thing comes up frequently, this can be a great clue as to how you want to live.

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Tip 3: Listen to your dreams.

This doesn’t just work for your career.

It can be for any aspect of your life.

If you continually think about areas of your life that seem empty, ask yourself what it would take to fill that emptiness.

That is what you would then focus on.

Take action that will help you lead a more rewarding life.

You will be happier as will the people in your life. When you’re happy, they will notice and will return the happiness.

You should expect resistance from some people that think they know what’s best for you.

Just remember that it’s your life and you are the only one that can live it.

There will be those that want to see you fail because if you are successful, you take away their excuses and make them look bad.

You just have to fight any negativity that is sent your way.

Think about the long-term benefits you will get when you live life with the idea of happiness by being yourself.

Tip 4: Expect resistance and know YOUR long term goals.

Nothing will change if you don’t take action towards living your own life on your terms. You will be stuck living on the expectations of others and you will look back on your life when you are older and wonder why you didn’t do the things you always wanted to do.

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