A program designed for the ambitious woman who looks like she “has it all,” but feels empty and lost inside. This program shows you how to prioritize, reduce overwhelm and focus on what matters most so you can learn to create a life you truly love.

To everyone else, you seem to have the perfect life. Perhaps you have a high-paying job, a fantastic home, beautiful children and a spouse who adores you. Everybody else around you thinks “Wow, you are so lucky.” But you don’t feel lucky. Your outer success is masking your inner unhappiness. You have every reason to be happy… but you’re not and you can’t put your finger on why.

  • You think, “Shouldn’t I be happy with what I have?” and you feel ashamed and guilty for wanting more. You rationalize your happiness.
  • The emptiness is starting to eat a hole in your self-confidence, your job performance and your close relationships. It’s time to do something about it.
  • You’re operating on autopilot and too afraid to make a change in case it will negatively affect the facade of your “good life”.

If only you could figure out what’s missing, you could do something about it, but every time you try to come up with an answer, you draw a blank.

It’s time to say “happiness matters”!



Before I started working with Jen, I was feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and frustrated with my career and a little hopeless.  Jen highlighted that everything in life is a choice, so even when I’m choosing to do nothing, it’s still a choice.  That alone was eye opening to me.  Working with Jen has given me hope that I can actually make the changes I want to see in my life.  And I’ve learned how to let go of the toxic things in my life sooner.  Jen is easy to talk to and I could be open with her without ever feeling uncomfortable.

Imagine being able to say, “I love my life!” Not because you’ve accomplished the things that are “supposed” to make you happy, but because you’ve learned to quit rationalizing how you are supposed to act, think and feel. You’ve discovered your own meaning of happiness and learned to live it loud and clear!

When you join my Happiness Matters program, loving your life can be a reality. You will have me by your side to help illuminate areas that need change, give you personalized feedback, kick your butt into gear, and give you the confidence to make these powerful changes.

Your Path to Living a Life You Love:

What could you accomplish if you were expertly guided? Here are some of the results you can look forward to when you join my Happiness Matters Private or Group Coaching Program.

Solve the mystery of the deep dissatisfaction in your life.
Discover exactly what areas in your life are throwing you off track so you can stop racking your brain trying to figure out what’s making you unhappy.

Live without regret.
Learn how to set goals and boundaries that empower you to focus on your priorities, values and the people who matter most. Quit living your life on autopilot and feeling like a zombie!

Reclaim your confidence and boost your success.
Clarify and channel your unique talents and abilities into making meaningful contributions to the world. Learn how to stop second guessing yourself and move forward with conviction.

Embrace imperfection.
Joyfully embrace living life on your terms and rejoice in your imperfections.

Learn how to put yourself first without feeling guilty.
Understand that self-care is essential to your health and your happiness. Learn a system for creating space for self-care that enhances your ability to show up as your best self with your family and in your career.

Find the key to creating habits that stick.
Create a process that cements your new habits into place so you can quickly reflect and reassess your action plan. Soon you will appreciate that structure equals freedom. Discover how to adapt to challenges that may arise so that you can quickly get back in the saddle and move forward.

Create more time in your day.
If there is anything I’ve learned from the IT industry, it’s that automation is the key to streamlining your time. I apply this same approach in order to create more time for you to spend doing the things you really love.

Love your life.
Practice daily methods of really loving yourself, your family and relationships, and your career. Soon you will be saying “I love my life!”


Working with Jen has given me the courage to know that I can find bigger happiness, it’s just a matter of applying the practices that she’s given, which are do-able.   Having Jen hold me accountable was the push I needed.  She’s real, she’s honest, she had us in tears at times, and I think it really got to the core of what we all feel but we afraid to admit.


Being in her Irrational Happiness group program, I realized that I am not the only one feeling the way I do and that there is hope!  By making small changes, I can make a positive impact on my life and on those around me.  Jen’s coaching style cuts to the heart and helps to really focus on the things that are both positive in my life, and those things that I need to work on to balance my life.

Is this program right for you?

I have specially designed this program for women who rationalize how they are supposed to act and think, instead of embracing the life they actually want. Maybe you don’t even know what you want – that’s ok too! We’ll figure it out together.

The Happiness Matters Program will be a particularly awesome fit if…

  • You want to overcome the guilt of wanting something more in your life. You may not know what that something more is yet; that’s what I’m here for. I’ll help you figure it out.
  • You are committed to make changes, even if it means stepping outside your comfort zone a bit.
  • You want to feel energized when you wake up every morning and excited that your life no longer runs on autopilot.
  • You want more time in your day for the things you love.
  • You want to overcome the fear of what others might think, especially as you change things up in order to create the life you love.
  • You are a believer in happiness. And you want to love your life.
  • You realize that real happiness may not be easy and comes with practice.

That being said, this program will not be a good fit if you:

  • Think it will be a Band-Aid or quick fix.
  • Have other priorities that will prevent you from committing to your Happiness Matters program.
  • Aren’t willing to have honest conversations. Not only with me, but also with yourself.
  • Are distressed about the idea of investing in your happiness.


I was in a transition phase in my life when I started Jen’s program.  I was quitting my job and staying home with my kids.  Jen has been helping me balance that out.  I had been feeling like I had too many things on my plate, and I’m a Type A perfectionist, so because I couldn’t give everything to all of my different roles, I felt like I was failing at everything.  Something had to give so that I could be happier and this program has helped me figure that out.


Jen will be brutally honest with you, which is a good thing.  She genuinely cares about your happiness and what you set as your goals and she will stop at nothing until you reach them.  This is a good support system.  I feel more confident with my decisions and I have a better sense of what makes me happy and what I have to do to achieve that happiness.

What you receive in this coaching program:

This is not the kind of program where you learn cool concepts, strategies and tools but then you’re left hanging to implement them on your own…while wondering if you’re doing it right.

This is the kind of program where together we roll up our sleeves and create an action plan to take you from point A to point Z. We reverse engineer your action steps: using your ultimate vision as point Z, I help you craft goals to get there. I will be by your side every step of the way.

In this program, you will receive:

  • One 5-hour virtual workshop. To welcome you to the program and kick-start your success, you’ll begin with a virtual workshop to walk you through the results of your Happiness Assessment and establish specific outcomes for your Happiness Matters program.
  • Access to the 5-step Happy Formula™. Receive learning guides and action step exercises from each module of the Happy Formula ™ to teach you new skills and create change momentum. Audio recordings are included when applicable to make it easy for you to listen when you are on the go.
  • Bimonthly calls (either group or private*). Benefit from scheduled 45-minute mentoring, accountability, and implementation sessions focused on helping you learn and implement new skills as you design the life you love.
  • Monthly Accountability Tracking journal. This simple and inspiring monthly check-in journal helps you assess and celebrate what you’ve accomplished and set your intention and goals for the upcoming month.
  • Recordings of all mentoring sessions (audio only). Listen again to the recordings of our sessions so you can go back and listen for insight and inspiration.
  • Unlimited email support throughout the private coaching program*. Priority email access during business hours for your burning quick questions.
  • Done-for-you essential workbooks, checklists, guides, and resources. These will be specially targeted for the areas we prioritize and will be sure to get your creative happiness juices flowing!
  • A detailed plan and calendar. For private coaching clients*, we will create a personalized calendar together to guide you as you implement your goals. We will share this calendar online to ensure you keep moving forward toward your vision and working toward your plan.
  • Special Bonus – Virtual VIP implementation workshop. After completing the mentorship program, super charge your Happiness Matters and get your questions answered and pick up additional tips and inspiration from fellow program participants with a virtual 90 minute group workshop.
  • Special Bonus – 1 ticket to Happiness Matters’s Live event. One ticket to a future live Happiness Matters event. Travel not included. Date TBD.

*There are 2 options for you to consider:

Private coaching or a group program.

How best do you learn? In a group or privately? 

If you find that sometimes group formats are a bit distracting and you find it hard to stay on track, you may want to consider private coaching. It allows you to go at your pace. We can focus on your top priorities and most urgent struggles. However, working with a group allows you to verbalize concepts to others helping you to reinforce ideas and improves your knowledge. Groups allow for varied views, insights and information to be shared in one place.

Working privately with me, gives you my undivided attention. We customize the material in an order that makes the best sense for you. That means you can spend your already limited time more wisely.  Sharing in a group program creates open discussion and it feels good knowing you are not alone. If you like the idea of supporting other women through your journey to increase your happiness, consider my group programs.

To be considered for this powerful program, request an application now!

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