A program designed for the ambitious woman ready for bigger consistent growth.  I show you how to prioritize, reduce overwhelm and focus on what matters most so you can learn to create a stronger business and life you truly love.

Your Quantum Leap is closer than you think!

Welcome to the Profitable Lifestyle Inner Circle, specifically designed to propel you/your life and your business to whole new level.

From priceless gems of insider business and lifestyle balancing knowledge to exclusive networking opportunities, from structured sharing to personal one-on-one coaching, it’s about living your profitable lifestyle, thinking big and making the unique difference you were put here to make.

The Profitable Lifestyle Inner Circle is for the heart centered individual, entrepreneur or professional looking for the combination of optimal health, self-growth, de stressing and life success tools, accountability and peer support all on a foundation of attention to development and continued business and personal growth so you can create consistent revenue each and every month.  We keep it simple and uncomplicated by using Jennifer’s Client Attraction Lifecycle Method (C.A.L.M.) as the foundation of everything.  Jennifer likes to turn the chaos into calm in your business.

It’s time to say “time, money & happiness matters!”



AMAZING results in a SMALL amount of time!  


Over the last few months, I have been working with Jennifer to take action on my business idea: Real Estate Photography and Home Staging.


This has been a lifelong passion – ever since I rearranged my mother’s living room at the ripe age of 6! My passion had been taking a back seat until meeting Jen. She got me focused on a single strategy that has me making $ in a very short period of time.


AND I continue to use this strategy to consistently bring in more clients. Her strategy has allowed me to test out ideas before I launch them full force. This has been a recipe for success for me – the results are amazing! Thank-you Jen!!!

How can I participate?

The Profitable Lifestyle Inner Circle was created for those individuals who desire a quantum leap in their life and are ready to Take Action and want to learn a system that has proven success they can apply in their own life to achieve their goals. When you are focusing on what matters most, creating habits to become more efficient with your time, money and happiness, you can achieve your dream in life and career-business.

Here are the specifics:

This Group Coaching Mastermind was designed to teach the Profitable Lifestyle Formula and support you on your path of achieving your dream life business. The opportunity to share and being held accountable and using our BIGGER community (masterminding) is the key to success. The focus is YOU and although we each have different dreams the steps to success are the similar. When you use the Profitable Lifestyle Formula in your own life you will have the tools for ongoing success! This is the place for heart felt souls to come together and make a quantum leap!

You will have me by your side to help illuminate areas that need change, give you personalized feedback, kick your butt into gear, and give you the confidence to make these powerful changes.

The Path to Your Profitable Lifestyle Business:

What could you accomplish if you were expertly guided? Here are some of the results you can look forward to when you join my Profitable Lifestyle Inner Circle Program.

Embrace your Unique Brilliance.
Stop wearing all the hats in your business and discover exactly how you can attract the right clients by simply being you.

Become an Ultra-focused Thinker.
Learn how to set goals and boundaries that empower you to focus on your priorities, values and the people who matter most. Quit running your business on autopilot!

Reclaim your confidence and boost your success.
Clarify and channel your unique talents and abilities into making meaningful decisions and goals. Learn how to stop second guessing yourself and move forward with conviction.

Embrace imperfection.
Joyfully embrace fast action and rejoice in your imperfections.

Create Happiness Habits.
Understand that self-care is essential to your health and your happiness. Learn a system for creating automated self-care that enhances your ability to show up as your best self with your family and in your career.

Create Consistent Cash-flow.
There’s power in consistency and we implement Dash for Cash planning to map your calendar to your cash-flow.

Find the key to creating habits that stick.
Create a process that cements your new habits into place so you can quickly reflect and reassess your action plan. Soon you will appreciate that structure equals freedom. Discover how to adapt to challenges that may arise so that you can quickly get back in the saddle and move forward.

Create more time in your day.
If there is anything I’ve learned from the IT industry, it’s that automation is the key to streamlining your time. I apply this same approach in order to create more time for you to spend doing the things you really love. Stop racking your brain trying to figure out where your day has gone!

Love your life.
Practice daily methods of really loving yourself, your family and relationships, and your career. Soon you will be saying “I love my life!”
Jen J

Jen J

Working with Jen is like bringing in a breath of fresh and wise air into your business…she is great at applying her own years of real life learning about how to optimize a business along with her knack for assessing how exactly any specific business could be tweaked to achieve the perfect profit/happiness balance. That combo makes her a fanastic coach for anyone who is looking to have a business that can meet their own profit/happiness needs for years to come!


I used to work 60-80+ hours a week.  Now I work 30 hours a week AND I make the same amount!  I love my life.

Is this program right for you?

I have specially designed this program for women who are know they need consistent 5-figure months in order to grow a team and scale. Maybe you don’t even know what you need– that’s ok too! We’ll figure it out together.

The Profitable Lifestyle Inner Circle will be a particularly awesome fit if…

  • You are committed to make changes, even if it means stepping outside your comfort zone a bit.
  • You know that imperfect action is better than never taking action.
  • You know you need better systems (and habits) to be consistent with your cashflow, clients, and content creation.
  • You want to feel energized when you wake up every morning and excited that your business will no longer will run you.  You will take back control!
  • You want more time in your day for the things you love (for both your business and your personal life).
  • You are a believer in happiness as an ingredient going into your success. You want to love your life fully but right now you just are overwhelmed with all that you do.
  • You are ready to get your butt kicked each month with implementation and focused action steps.

That being said, this program will not be a good fit if you:

  • Think it will be a Band-Aid or quick fix.
  • Have other priorities that will prevent you from committing to your program.
  • Aren’t willing to have honest conversations. Not only with me, but also with yourself.
  • Are distressed about the idea of investing in your business.
  • You are just starting out and have never sold anything yet.  (There are other resources I can provide to you instead, just message me and I’ll share details!)


I have spent the last 4 years of my business gathering and implementing as much free/good advice as I could find. When I met Jen I decided to jump and participate in her live event. It was worth it!


I had scratched the surface with some of the stuff she talked about, but she brought it to a deeper level and helped me get clear on my real why, why I needed to make this business work. It was so clear that I signed up for her mastery and it’s been the best thing for my business!


You won’t regret investing in Jen!

What you receive in this coaching program:

This is not the kind of program where you learn cool concepts, strategies and tools but then you’re left hanging to implement them on your own…while wondering if you’re doing it right.

This is the kind of program where together we roll up our sleeves and create an action plan to take you from point A to point Z. We reverse engineer your action steps: using your ultimate vision as point Z, I help you craft goals to get there. I will be by your side every step of the way.

In this program, you will receive:

  • Weekly Implementation & Accountability group Labs. Group calls where we focus on your top priority, including your Dash for Cash routines and your Visibility and Content plans.  We focus on Results!  Calls Recorded.
  • Your Profitable Lifestyle Roadmap to Success. To welcome you to the program and kick-start your success, you’ll begin with a virtual workshop to walk you through the results of your Profitable Lifestyle Assessment and establish specific outcomes for your program.
  • Profitable Lifestyle Formula group training calls.
    As additional training is developed, special training Q&A calls will be scheduled and includes templates, videos, handouts, webinars etc. Calls recorded if you can’t make it live.
  • Group Voxer access to Jennifer and her team along with Daily check-ins.
  • Skip the Dark Side of Success Masterclass Speaker Series.
    Listen to over 30+ leading entrepreneurs and millionaires as they share their top success and happiness habits and receive their gifts to you.
  • Weekly Intention and Weekly Reflection check-ins.
    Receive intention and reflection reminders each week via email so you can establish your foundation of success habits.
  • Private Mastery Facebook Group to interact, support, provide resources, get feedback, run ideas past each other, and have personal access to Jennifer and her team. 
  • Recordings of all mentoring sessions. Listen again to the recordings of our sessions so you can go back and listen for insight and inspiration.
  • Done-for-you essential workbooks, checklists, guides, and resources. These will be specially targeted for the areas we prioritize and will be sure to get your creative happiness juices flowing!


  • The Foundational Programs You Love! -​ Complimentary Access to Jennifer’s Signature programs while you are a member:
    • Dash-For-Cash® Learn the foundations of how to leverage the leads you have and make as much money, as quickly as possible, with as little effort as possible.  Learn 8 different cash injection strategies during this 3-week Intensive.
    • Discover your Unique Brilliance. Use your unique brilliance to be more efficient with your time and attract the right clients who will love you for being you.
    • Time Saving Stacking System. Need to become more disciplined? Leverage the power of habit strategies to streamline time, and work smarter not harder.
    • The Nurture Faucet: Turning your Stream of Leads into Sales. Build the Know Like Trust factor through consistency, authenticity, and visibility.
  • Mastery VIP-level ticket to next Profitable Lifestyle Live Event.
  • Access to all new products launched by Jennifer while you are a Member of her Profitable Lifestyle Inner Circle.

Each course includes course-specific templates, videos, handouts, etc.

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