Healthy Eating Lifestyle Kit
Happiness Matters

What's For Dinner?

Do you dread that question? Most of us do!

For most of us (me included) healthy eating is a big struggle, especially when it comes to dinner. 

The reason? LACK OF TIME.

Healthy eating takes time and organization, time you probably don’t really have. Time that’s already crammed full of other things, so healthy eating goes to the bottom of the list. 

And healthy eating isn’t all about losing weight (although, that would be awesome), it’s about taking care of ourselves and ensuring our hearts and souls are healthy. 

If you struggle with lack of time, and the guilt that comes with the second glass of wine, I’ve got something special for you today.

I’m excited to share the new Healthy Eating Lifestyle Kit, which is designed to help you put habits in place so you can eat healthy and nurture your heart and soul. Plus, it will save the time and stress of planning your meals for good. 

You can get this kit now for the only $47.


Before I tell you about the kit, let me tell you what it is not. I’m far from perfect and nor am I a “diet” expert, sometimes my jeans don’t fit and I struggle to be health conscious.

In fact, I’m probably a lot like you and I get how challenging healthy eating can be. Or how we do “well” for a bit and then things slip away and we’re back to the start.

This is why I created the Healthy Eating Lifestyle Kit. It’s designed to help you build routines and habits that fit into your busy lifestyle and most of all, are realistic. These are the same things I do myself and have been able to streamline and fine tune over the past couple years.

This kit is NOT a diet plan. It’s here to help you build habits, eat healthy and feel good about it. 

This kit is packed full of ideas, inspiration and practical tools to help you with meal planning, shopping, creating healthy habits - all designed to fit into the busiest of lifestyles.

This guide is perfect for busy moms, professionals and anyone who wants to adopt a healthy eating lifestyle, but not spend hours every single day making it possible.

Delivered in an easy to use PDF format the Healthy Eating Lifestyle Kit provides you with: 37 practical tips, 20+ planning worksheets, resources and checklists and much more.

The Healthy Eating Lifestyle Kit has everything you need to save time and eat healthy without sacrificing your sanity.


Learn why meal planning is the #1 reason you are failing to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle. You’ll get tips, worksheets, and creative ideas on how to make meal planning painless. 


Your food prep is typically one of the most overlooked, and important steps in healthy eating. Prep ahead of time to save time all week long with these shortcuts. You'll get ideas for healthy snacks and making your food prep go smoothly.  


Get creative by teaming up with a friend, and staying accountable. Learn about alternative ways of cooking that can cut your cooking time by 50% each month. Lots of ideas to help you stay on track with your healthy living.


Get power tips to streamline and customize your shopping so you save valuable time. Includes a customizable weekly shopping list. Use it to keep you from purchasing those impulse buys.


Multi-task while you cook with these clever, time saving ideas. Set up a schedule so you can cook once and double things up. 


Stay the course with these ideas to keep you inspired, motivated and loving your healthy lifestyle. Plus, you'll get ideas on how to keep your family excited too! 

Special Bonuses When You Purchase Now

Bonus #1

"How to Sparkle Your Style & Self-Confidence" by Shelley Cohen

Bonus #2

"Food Diary template & Eating Habits for Vibrant Health" by Cathy Cochrane

Bonus #3

3 Examples of Our 30 "Go-To" Meals

Bonus #4

30+ Recipes

Bonus #5

Private Facebook Group Access for Support & Accountability

“The Healthy Eating Lifestyle Kit has saved me time, money and the stress of the dreaded what's for dinner discussion. This kit has practical, easy-to-use tips that you can put into action, right away.”

- Maggie Patterson, Business Owner + Busy Mom 

"I'm a part-time career professional and mother of two toddlers. I've struggled to try to make healthy eating a priority for me and my family. There's just never enough time in the day! The Healthy Eating Lifestyle Kit has been an amazing resource and has helped me tremendously. Other plans throw a bunch of tips at you without going into any detail or providing realistic suggestions. Jennifer has provided 37 steps, broken down into 6 categories to create a healthy eating lifestyle that really works." 

- Natalie King, Career Woman + Busy Mom 

"WOW! This kit is complete and helps to really change your habits and live a healthy life! This kit takes you step-by-step so you can make it a habit and not have it be a one-time thing. I love how the kit encourages you to get the whole family involved and and it's spot on for busy moms like me who need to get things done. I especially loved the suggested snacks with pictures as I was able to stick it on the fridge so it those snacks were available and portioned. Now, when the kids get hungry they just point at what they like or are able to get it out themselves. This saves time, stress and the struggle of figuring out to feed them, while avoiding eating junk. THANK YOU Jennifer!" 

- Charm Fernandez, Business Owner + Busy Mom


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