How to Keep Your Family Healthy

How to Keep Your Family Healthy

Living a healthy lifestyle is not always easy if one person in your household eats bad foods or have no desire to take care of themselves. But I believe people can change their bad habits, and develop new ones to a healthier lifestyle. Here’s 7 ways on how to keep your family healthy.Although I do not have kids, I still stress on the importance of staying active and eating healthy as a family. With only my hubby and me, I pass on healthy recipes and tips to my family so they can share it with each other and stay motivated.

Want your family to get on the right track to healthy? These 7 ways in How to Keep Your Family Healthy can help.

How to Keep Your Family Healthy

  1. Stay Active
    Choose activities that are active over activities that are sedentary in nature. They go for walks, bike rides, swim, and play enthusiastically together. Moving around a lot is good to help keep weight down, and lungs working, as well as good for keeping bones strong. Moving around at least 20 minutes a day must be mandatory to keep your family healthy.
  2. Eat Healthy
    Avoid eating fast food. Incorporate a lot of fruits and veggies into your diets. Snack on fruit and veggies instead of sugary, starchy treats full of salt, fat and sugar. You won’t go hungry or suffer, instead you’ll eat as close to nature as possible in abundance.
  3. Drink Water
    Drink fresh filtered tap water. Drinking calories is bad for the waistline and for health. It’s better to drink water as a thirst quenching, hydrating beverage instead of sweet juices, sodas and teas. Choosing water first is a key ingredient in staying healthy.
  4. Avoid Drugs
    Don’t drink alcohol, smoke, or do other illicit drugs. Avoid using any sort of drug in favor of diet and exercise to avoid food related illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Finding ways to avoid any type of drug will keep your family healthy.Being healthier means being happier! Learn how to harness your happiness with my Brain Bliss Activation Guide! Click the image below to grab your FREE copy!
  5. Get Yearly Physicals
    Keep tabs on your families health by getting yearly physicals to ensure that they are indeed healthy in terms of blood cholesterol levels, height weight ratios, and blood serum vitamin levels. These tests insure proper nutrition levels are met and help you know what to add to their diets.
  6. Participate in Preventative Medicine
    Although some people have different views on flu shots and vaccines, getting them yearly can help prevent contracting contagious diseases. Follow your doctors concerns regarding age appropriate tests to catch illness early.
  7. Get Involved in Your Community
    Get involved in your community and volunteer often to help those who are less fortunate by participating in things like Habitat for Humanity or Walk for The Cure events.

The habits of healthy families make it clear that to stay healthy you need to pay attention to your body, eat right, exercise and drink plenty of hydrating water. You and your family have the choice of what to eat, when, and how much.

As a parent, you must ensure that everyone in the family is physically active. Even if you aren’t a parent and is an aunt, uncle, or family friend, it’s good to motivate each other. Finally, a last important reminder to eat dinner together at night at the table as often as possible.

Check out some>>> Exercise and Activities to keep your family up with being healthy!

I’d love to hear from you after sharing my tips on how to keep your family healthy. Share with me what your family is doing in the comment section below.

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  1. Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for the ideas! You only get a short window of time to capture a kid’s enthusiasm for exercise, so you have to start when they are young and make it fun. Even ten minute of focused activity a day can leave a kid with a sense that exercise is important and fun.

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