Time, money and happiness definitely matter! And Jennifer is a wonderful speaker who will inspire you to create tiny habits that stack up to create real change in your life and business. Truly impactful. She’s sure to make a brilliant contribution to your event.” ~ Nadia Finer

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A Few Testimonials

“Jennifer is hands down the REAL deal! She brings her personality, humor and most important her knowledge to the stage. Hire her to speak if you want to elevate your success, manage your time and grow your income.” ~ KARLY WOOD KELLY

“I felt an overwhelming calm (and happiness!) listening to Jennifer speak! I’ve never thought about how interconnected time, money and happiness are. Jennifer knows how to create big lasting change in a short time. So inspiring.” ~ LEANNE VELKY

“Jennifer brings a well thought out action plan to her audience to help them achieve more happiness and financial freedom into their lives and business. She is energized and has a great sense of humour on stage.” ~ALISON BEIERLEIN

“Habits create happiness. Jennifer is a wonderfully powerful, practical and inspiring speaker. She engages the audience and takes them on a journey. Guaranteed takeaways for everyone. Can’t wait to hear her speak again.” ~DONNA BROWN

Signature Talks Include…

I am happy to tailor my topics to support your audience and event needs.

Keynote: The 3 Biggest Secrets to Success Without Sacrifice

…so you can Create a Profitable Lifestyle that Increases your Income and Impact, while also Expanding your Freedom!

Our fast-paced “Hustle” and “Sacrifice” society is setting you up for the Dark Side of Success. Jennifer jokes about not turning to the dark side, and instead creating a business that is NOT dependent on your amount of hustle and effort, but rather by working smarter and leveraging systems and routines to your advantage.

Jennifer will share how you can:

  • Speed up time, or least it will feel like it, so that you CAN GET MORE DONE IN LESS TIME AND INCREASE YOUR INCOME IN THE PROCESS. Discover the one simple action you can do right away!
  • Imagine doing less in your business because you’re focused on the things that you excel at – and having the perfect mix of time, money, and clients.
  • AUTOMATE YOUR DAILY HAPPINESS IN LESS THAN 5 MINUTES A DAY using brain bliss activation! Jennifer motivates an audience to embrace their brilliance, take imperfect action and most importantly, leverage
    and automate what is right in front of them.

Other Speaking Favorites

THE NURTURE FAUCET: Turning your Stream of Leads into Sales.

Leverage what you already have. 
Become Consistent and Visible.  
Nurture your community.  
In this talk you will learn:
We all struggle with the “doing” in our business and forget that we have to fill our sales pipeline for the upcoming months BEFORE they arrive. Consistency is key to visibility, sales, and cashflow. Leveraging what you have right in front of you will allow you to conquer consistency. Use your Sweet Spot consistently in your messaging.

DASH FOR CASH! Sprinkle Cash into Your Business Quickly with No Sales Page, No Launch, and No Funnels.

Making money CAN be simple.
It only takes 2 steps.
Rinse, Repeat, and Reap the rewards of your cashflow plan.
In this talk you will learn:
What does it means to take Inventory of your traffic. 
Why does it matter to make the right offers to the right people.
What happens when it fails and what to do next.


No Complicated Business Formula Required.
Discover and embrace your Brilliance and SAVE time.
Confidently articulate why clients should hire you!
In this talk you will learn:
Imagine doing less in your business because you’re focused on the things that you excel at – and having the perfect mix of time, money, and clients.  You don’t want to be everything to everybody. Together, we’re going to discover unique sweet spot that is the intersection between your talents, what you love, and what people will pay you for. (It’s not what you think!)

“Wow Jennifer! Powerful teacher, speaker, and lover of empowering people to step into building a life that optimizes the same 24 hours we all have.” ~ JANNA HARE

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Heck yeah! I would LOVE to interview Jennifer or have her be a part of our online event.

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Jennifer’s BIO

Founder of Profitable Lifestyle Live and owner of Time, Money & Happiness Matters, as a Profitable Lifestyle designer, Jennifer helps driven professionals love their career and fully love their lives. JENNIFER IS A TINY HABITS CERTIFIED COACH, CASH INJECTION SPECIALIST AND MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER AND AUTHOR.

With over 20 years’ experience running her Information Technology firm, designing systems and operating procedures, it’s easy to see why Jennifer’s approach is rooted in her IT background. SHE’S A BELIEVER IN AUTOMATION, HABITS, REPEATABLE PROCESSES AND STREAMLINING TO REDUCE OVERWHELM SO YOU CAN FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS MOST.  She teaches her clients how to find more time, so they can make more money and increase their happiness.


When Jennifer isn’t working, you will find her hiking with her hubby, playing with their kitties Zipper and Velcro, or tending to their small chicken farm in the Sierra foothills in Northern California.

What Event Organizers are Saying…

“Jennifer is super smart in how she leverages one thing into so much more. She has created a highly successful IT firm and successful coaching business and uses her systems mind to simplify the often complex strategies for growing a business that not only creates massive income but does it in less time and with less effort so you can also create a fulfilling and happy lifestyle.” ~CHANTELLE ADAMS, Shine Live 2018

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And Jennifer is hosting (for the 5th time) her 3-day Profitable Lifestyle Live – Fall 2019.

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