Attention All Business Owners!
Is Your Business Life Out Of Whack With The Lifestyle You Crave?
Maybe you feel like you need to make more money before you can live the lifestyle you crave and dream, so you’ve put your life on the back burner…for now.

Another year goes by….

And instead, you work harder, make more money and repeat. And now you’ve created a business that runs your life.

Worse yet…you do nothing to try and make a change….maybe out of fear of a decrease in your income.
here's the biggest problem you face right now:
Knowing how to BEST use your 24 hours each day.
But that's not the end of the problem. It actually gets worse! Why?

Not understanding how to effectively use your limited time creates a challenge in your life that can impact your cash flow!

You must get control of your time and your cash flow!

Don’t be fooled to think that only early entrepreneurs fall into this trap. Experienced entrepreneurs fall into this same boat

Consistent cash flow doesn’t mean you’re not making money. You may already have crossed into the 6-figure levels.

I’ve even met several 7+ figure business owners who are miserable because they work so hard and their lifestyle is out of whack….or entirely missing in some cases.

Which means your business will continue to run YOU into the ground as you chase the money and sacrifice the lifestyle you desire.

And, worst of all, most business owners can't get past the idea that working your business IS your life.

But luckily for you there is now a solution to your problem!

If you're a business owner who is ready to grow a sustainable business with consistent cash flow, and in the process make more money, and you're ready to take your life off the back burner, here's the solution you've been looking for... 
trading Minutes for Money!
A 3-workshop virtual series designed to show you how to be  more efficient with your time in order to maximize your profits. I have created a way for you to get on the right track without paying thousands of dollars for coaching. 
"Trading Minutes for Money" Helps You:
  •  Create both a profitable business and life you love
  •  Leverage your brilliance and discover your super powers so that you can go from never having  enough time, to feeling like you have endless time
  •  Maximize profit and minimize time while simplifying your business and lifestyle
  •  Share more adventures with your family, take more vacations, donate more to charity, and create a larger impact in the world
  •  ... and much, MUCH more!
And best of all... you'll start seeing results with "Trading Minutes for Money" in the very first workshop  and this only costs $1497 $497 for this value-packed bundle. 
Buy all three as a bundle and receive all the corresponding workbooks so you can focus on the training
and exercise during our time together instead of writing furiously to keep up with the all the nuggets you
will learn and want to apply asap.

Single workshops normally sold at $497. 
Special Pricing Ends In:
Special Pricing Ends In:
trading Minutes for Money!
Virtual Workshop Bundle Includes:
  •  3 LIVE (virtual) workshops. Come prepared with your sleeves rolled up and ready to take action. Each workshop will start with some training, but then we dive in  and DO THE WORK. Allow for upwards of 3 hours per workshop. View the workshop details below!
  •  Lifetime access to the workshop recordings. There is no need to worry if you missed any of the  workshops live, you can go back to the recordings anytime you need them.
  • Access to a private Minutes for Money Facebook group for 60 days.
  •  Bonus ticket to my next Time, Money and Happiness Matters LIVE 3-day Retreat!
If you're an entrepreneur who wants to learn how to create success without sacrificing the  lifestyle you want to have, understand this:
  •  The rules of business have changed and the internet makes it possible to make more consistent  money with less time so long as you become focused.
  • When you learn habit strategies that stick, think about how ultra-focused you can become and how much more you can get done in less time. 
  •  You really can nourish your relationships with your family, take time for yourself, and be making  money in your business at the same time. 
Act Now - Before It's Too Late!...
Get Onboard With 
Trading Minutes for Money
Claim Your Seat Today for just $497 or 3 payments of $165
Workshop 1:
 Discover your Unique Brilliance Blueprint
Sometimes seeing your unique brilliance is like seeing the forest through the trees. You are
so used to doing everything, that you can't see what's right in front of you.
  •  Identify your "sweet spot" of the tasks you should be that you can stop  doing everything.
  •  Use your Unique Brilliance in order to scale to the next level, take back control of  your business and stop letting your business run you. 
  • Find your balance between Passion and Proficiency.
  •  Discover that your Unique Brilliance is the foundation of finding endless time and it is your super power. 

Terri, Financial Solutions Network

Recognizing my own Unique Brilliance has helped me to clearly see what is most important to me and what brings me true joy in my life. 

It helped me determine what tasks are most important, and what to tackle first, toward achieving my dreams and goals for my life. Terrific stuff!!!

Lester, The Intentional Visionary

Jennifer, your help getting me to distill my course to three modules and develop the value  propositions for each one based on my unique brilliance was very helpful to me. It enabled me to come up with the offer and I will use this going forward with other ideas in the future. I have also gained confidence to put myself out there and make more offers! In less than a month of working together, I have 2 new clients. Thank you for everything! 
Workshop 2:
 Chicken and the Egg Money Mindset
As a business owner you must know how to make money quickly 
any time you need an  influx of cash in your business. 
  •  Cash flow is everything. When profit margins get tight, when it comes time to pay  yourself, when you want to add a new expense, or hire a new person, or pay off a new investment, such as when you hire a coach.
  • The quick cash flow technique you will learn in workshop 2 is specifically designed to simplify and speed up the process of injecting cash into your business whenever you need. 
  • Investment and Debt is like flipping a coin, i.e. One side is investment, the other  debt. But it's all the same coin and you can choose what side shows up.
  •  Learn to focus on the tasks that make you money.

Robin, Nerium Intl Brand Partner

Jennifer's teaching style is fun, interactive, insightful, and most importantly, action generating! One simple yet effective exercise was very eye-opening and helped me plan and set up my day to FOCUS on those activities that MAKE MONEY -- which is the key to consistently bringing in income into my business

Sarah, Sets by Sarah

Jennifer Dunham is such an inspiration! I came across Jen speaking and I really liked how she spoke about work, pursuing work, and gearing yourself and your business in the right direction. I worked with her to learn how to inject easy money into my business. After strategizing, coming up with lists of where to direct my energy, and reaching out to people, I got bites from potential clients in less than a month, just as she had predicted. This helped me see my business in a different way and utilize what I have, but in a new perspective.
Jennifer's goal was to have me make the money back that I spent on her course, all of which happened! Jennifer has all the right tools and I have and will continue to recommend Jennifer to people I know who are in need of the services she can provide!
Workshop 3:
Leverage the Power of Tiny Habits
Tiny habits are key to taking control of your time, making better
money habit, and  increasing your happiness. 
  •  Leverage the power of tiny habits to reactivate and strengthen the happiness neuropathways  in your brain.
  • Discover simple habit strategies to create a solid foundation to start your day on the right foot. 
  •  Align your personal values into your business and daily life.
  • Create your happiness practice in just 5 minutes a day.
  •  Use happiness to elevate your business success, versus waiting for success to bring you happiness. Success should not come at the sacrifice of loving your life.

Robert, Outrageous Promotions | Next Level Entrepreneurs

I recently went through a program with Jennifer that taught me a quick and easy way to plan out  my work for the next day, and all I can say is WOW! This simple technique has significantly increased my productivity but the unexpected benefit was that, because I know what I need to get done every day, my stress level has also been significantly reduced.

Bret, Attract Customers Now

Jennifer helped me to eliminate the worries that I have each day that kept me from moving forward and taking action in my career. Simple exercises...yet so powerful. I would recommend Jen to anyone who is stuck in their career and needs help in creating passion around taking action and wants to be more successful.
Act Now - Before It's Too Late!...
Get Onboard With 
Trading Minutes for Money
Space is limited! Act now and get started with your 
first payment of just $165!
Every minute you wait is another minute you are wasting, and trading money for the lifestyle you desire. 
Take action now and take your life and business back!
About Your Mentor
Jennifer Dunham
Jennifer is on a mission to help driven professionals change their overwhelming and unfulfilling  careers and lives. She believes that “you can have it all!” She teaches you how to find more time, create more money, and increase your happiness so that you can create a life and career you love right now. 

Jennifer’s approach is rooted in her Information Technology background. She’s a huge believer  in automation, habits, repeatable processes, and streamlining time to reduce overwhelm so you can focus on what matters most. She’s a certified Tiny Habits coach and a Cash Injection Specialist. 
P.S. You'll notice I have not posted dates. That is on purpose! If you need help with time, money and happiness and you want to attend these workshops, I challenge you to not let the dates hold you back from signing up. There will be recordings if you can't make it live, and I'm happy to bonus you into the next live run of these same workshops in the spring, but make the decision now and take action. Time is ticking away.

P.S.S. Have questions - email me at
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