Simple Habits to Keeping Your Life Clutter Free

Simple Habits to Keeping Your Life Clutter Free

Sometimes bad habits are hard to break. Good habits take time to develop, especially when it comes to organizing. How many times have you lost your keys, shoes or important papers because there is too much clutter in your home? Clearing the clutter from your home and your life, will take some time and effort but the results will be well worth it. Follow these simple habits to keeping your life clutter free.

Follow these Simple Habits to Keeping Your Life Clutter Free, and in time develop a successful routine to keep it that way.

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Simple Habits to Keeping Your Life Clutter Free

With these simple steps, you only need a few minutes each day to keeping your home clutter free.

Go through your home and make note of anything in your home that is out of place, items that are piling up, or things that bother you. Start with what bothers you most and begin going through the items. Get rid of things you no longer need or want.

The goal is to clear small areas, one at a time until you have cleaned the entire room.

Go through each room until you have gotten rid of as much clutter as possible.

Create a cleaning and decluttering schedule. Include chores for each member of the family so one person does not have to do everything. If you work on cleaning a little bit each day, it will make keeping your home clean much easier.

Rather than stacking mail and other papers all over the room, create a specific area to handle mail and pay bills. This could be a desk or a shelf with an inbox. Be sure to place a garbage can near your mail area so you can throw junk mail out as you go through it.

Along with the inbox and garbage can, it would also be helpful to keep a family calendar in the area. When you see paperwork that has an appointment or important date, you can write the information directly into the calendar and toss the paper unless you need to return it.

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Place a coat rack or shelf with hooks near the door you use most often. It is important to have everyone hang jackets and book bags here when they come into the home each day. By placing these items in the same place each day, your family will be less likely to lose things.

You can use similar tactics to declutter your office or workspace.

A clean work area can make your day more productive,

which your boss will most likely appreciate. Develop a filing system so you can find important papers when you need them.

Cut back on commitments. Part of having a cluttered life is having too many obligations each week. Families these days are busy and everyone is going in different directions with meetings, sports, band, volunteering, or other activities. Declutter your schedule by asking each person to give up all but one activity. This will reduce the amount of running and allow the family to eat together regularly.

Finally, if you are too overwhelmed with the amount of clutter in your life, give yourself permission to seek outside help. A professional organizer can recommend simple habits to keep your life clutter-free and will help you develop a routine that will work for your family.

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I’d love to hear from you! How do you keep your life clutter free?

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    • The closet is where I usually start too. It seems to be the most difficult because everything seems to get piled in there. Good luck with your decluttering process, Estelle.

  1. I’m fairly clutter free but I relate especially to uncluttering your commitments. So true. It can make you crazy. Now I just have to do something about my boyfriend who is a hoarding mess. His office is off-limits to anyone because it’s a big pile of bags, boxes, and papers. I have to make sure it doesn’t seep out.

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