The First Program is Just the Beginning

The First Program is Just the Beginning

Online Marketing is not as simple as it may have once been.

It feels hard.

Getting the messaging right so that you can increase your clients.

Attracting the right clients so that you can increase your income.

And then creating a system in your business so that you can leverage your time and have more freedom.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say…

As an entrepreneur…

We all want more Time, Money and Happiness!

Am I right?

I’m going to share with you the 3 phases in my Client Attraction system.

But first, let’s start by talking about funnels.

A funnel is a way for you to organize the information that you will share with your audience and when.

It considers a buyer’s intent based on where they are in their buyer’s journey before delivering the messages that bring your ideal target audience member through the process and funnel toward purchase, and hopefully, delight and lifetime customer status.

I know that was a mouthful…and maybe a run-on-sentence…

My basic 3-step customer marketing funnels look like this:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision

Using a funnel process enables you to imagine where your customers are in their journey based on what you have to offer them and deliver just the right information at the right time.

For example, someone who is in the awareness stage, which is at the widest part of the funnel, is just now learning they even have a problem.

The messages you deliver to them now need to be educational in nature to produce the awareness they need to move forward in their journey.

Some of the content you might deliver to them now include blog posts about the problem from every angle because the idea is to attract the community to your website so that they can see the knowledge you have.

Since the awareness stage is at the top of the funnel, you need more of this type of content than you need at the bottom or smallest part of the funnel.

You’ll also want to include content about your company values and information that shows why the customer should care about the issue with informative and educational content.

Plus, you’ll want to include information that describes what happens if nothing is done about it and include examples of when the problem has been overcome.

This is a good place for your epic, cornerstone, or pillar content depending on what you want to call it.

This content is fully available and free to everyone when they come to your website without requiring anything – even an email address – and it is not salesy at all.

When you get ready to create your course or program, consider this Awareness phase as part of the process.

  • What value can you give that will educate your audience?
  • What lead magnet will precede your program?
  • Are you warming up your audience with Awareness as you are launching?

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