The Secret Approach to Marketing

The Secret Approach to Marketing

Effective conversion processes tell stories.

Stories are what make us humans.

We make sense of the world based on stories.

We approach new ideas based on whether they fit the story that we already have in our minds.

Approach to Marketing

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Include Story-Telling in your content and marketing strategy

Story elements make your brand less impersonal and more likeable.

You have to understand that there’s so much content being produced every single day.

People are trained to constantly filter out information.

Either that information fits the story they have in their head or phrased in such a way that they can incorporate it as a story, or they simply resist it or ignore it.

This is the reality that your content and marketing messages have to work with.

By incorporating stories into your content, they are less threatening and easier to like.

Once you get enough of your stories into the minds of your prospects, you become more trustworthy by comparison.


Your competitors aren’t making it that far.

Since people trust based primarily on comparison, your content and brand stand out.

By incorporating stories into your content and marketing strategies, stories can help you become more trustworthy.

The Problem with Marketing Story-Telling

At this point, you’re probably excited about using stories with your marketing and content strategies.


You have made serious progress.


You are aware of a secret that eludes over 90% of other marketers.

They simply don’t understand the power of story-telling when it comes to online marketing.

With that said, you still have a big problem.

Simply understanding that story-telling is important is not enough to solve all of your problems.

While your conversion is going to improve, it’s not going to take you where you need to go.

You need to achieve a predictable level of conversion and a truly efficient conversion rate.

Simply Throwing Random Stories Into Your Marketing and Content Materials Is Not Enough!

How do you know you’re using the right stories?

How do you know you’re sending off the right signals?

How do you know that your stories are actually directing people where you need them to go?

You might actually be doing more harm to your conversion process by telling the right story at the wrong time.

Similarly, you might be dropping the ball and be completely clueless about it because you’re telling the wrong story at the right time.

Simply adopting a story-telling approach is not going to cut it.

A random and chaotic approach rarely works.

This is like taking shots in the dark.

You know you’re in the right area but simply making random shots is not going to get you where you need to go.

You’re too dependent on luck at this point.

Explode Your Marketing Story-Telling Power with the Right Strategy

Who are you trying to reach?

What message are you trying to send?

After hearing your story, what is the Call to Action?

How are you going to use the story to convert buyers?

One thing is for sure, simply taking shots in the dark, is not going to cut it.

You need to have a systematic and methodical way of weaving story-telling into your content and marketing initiatives to maximize your success.

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