Time to Take Back Control

Time to Take Back Control

Life can be rough as an entrepreneur.

It’s definitely not always rainbows and unicorns.

Let me give you a quick run down of this last quarter…

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  • Early October was my 3-day event that always takes a lot of out me (energy and effort).
  • We had 2 weeks of power outages in October here in northern California making it impossible to stay caught up. Yes no power for days on end.
  • I had shoulder surgery less than a month ago
  • It’s the holidays (and we’ve traveled 3x already in less than a month)
  • I run an annual online fundraiser giveaway in December, and to be honest, I’ve been a bit MIA on my team for this effort this year
  • I’ve been hit with some shifts in team members
  • My biggest IT client came out with the RFP that I must do every 5 years in late October (vs normally in February) and it was due this week. I just completed it to send to the printers last week…at 166 pages I had to write, including 48 signed reference letters.

Wah wah…as my husband would say.

* BTW check out this history of Peanuts Wah Wah: https://mashable.com/2015/10/26/peanuts-wah-wah/ Interesting read!

I am sharing this Debbie Downer list with you so that I can also share with you what I’ve taken away from it…

  1. I asked for help. Not so easy for me. I have access to some amazing women and they were there for me. (How do you do with asking for help?)
  2. I kept in motion. I practice what I preach and created Dash to Cash campaigns to easily bring in some moolah even when time was tight.
  3. I’m embracing that I have to be even more organized. I’m all about systems, SOPs, processes.

2020 is going to be the year for easier growth.

It’s time to take back control!

Here are 5 ways to prevent becoming a human bottleneck.

1. Clarify Expectations

Clarify both what’s expected of you and what you expect from others.

Clear communication of expectations can help you and your team members to prioritize work in such a way that no one impedes the progress of others.

2. Communicate Early and Often

Don’t wait until the last minute to communicate what your schedule looks like and when team members can expect.

This is a personal peeve of mine. If something comes up and you’re not able to fulfill a request, let it be known as soon as the situation arises.

3. Review Workflow Processes

Processes usually play a huge part in causing bottlenecks, so they’re worth reviewing.

Procedural bottlenecks are external factors that are slowing your workflow, and they should be removed when possible.

Imagine three freeway lanes suddenly funneling into one—no matter how effective and efficient each driver is, slowing is inevitable.

4. Accept Suggestions for Improvement

Sometimes, our team members can see things that we can’t because we’re immersed in the work.

Don’t be afraid to accept, and even ask for, suggestions from team members on how you can remove bottlenecks.

When you acknowledge that there is a problem and ask your team members to help you solve it, it can strengthen the team.

5. Share Information

It’s easier than ever to share information with team members.

With the help of office apps and communication tools, you can make sharing of information a breeze.

Chances are that if the information is easily accessible, team members won’t need to constantly ask each other questions and cause a constant ping-pong of let-me-get-back-to-you.

Which tip do you most need to implement?

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