Try This Simple System To Organize Your Workspace

Try This Simple System To Organize Your Workspace

One of the major sources of overwhelm for many people is clutter.

Piles of stuff everywhere is not conducive to concentration and the sense of calm you need to get things done.

There are many techniques for cutting down on clutter.

Try This Simple System To Organize Your Workspace

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Here’s one very simple thing to try that can make a major difference in your workspace.

Set aside the last 15 minutes of your workday as putting-things-away time.

Start by sweeping up everything that’s on your desk and other surfaces and finding a home for it.

For most of us, the last 15 minutes of the workday isn’t extremely productive anyway.

You’re probably worn out from your day of work and looking for a mindless task to finish out the day.

For those last fifteen minutes, get up from your desk and get physical, putting away the things you used during the day.

This not only helps you stay organized but also provides a psychological benefit.

You’re cleaning up, which signals to your brain that your workday is finished.

It’s a ritual that sends you off with a tidy workspace after a long, hard day of work.

Another great benefit is that your space will be neat and tidy when you come back to work the next morning.

What better way to start the day?

In fact, you might extend this ritual to more than just putting things away.

Once you get into the flow of doing this daily and seeing results, you might add another 15 minutes and dedicate this time to some deeper organizing.

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You could also extend this last stretch of the workday for somewhat mindless routine tasks that get lost in the shuffle, like filling out a transportation form, backing up files, or watering the plants.

Use it for anything that helps you get more organized and feel like the day is done.

Leave us a comment and let us know some tips on how you keep your workspace organized!

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