Imagine: Attracting Your Perfect Clients Simply by Being EXACTLY Who You Are! No Complicated Business Formula Required!

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Workshop to Discover your... 

Sometimes seeing your Unique Brilliance(TM) is like seeing the forest through the trees.  

You are so used to doing everything, that you can't see what's right in front of you.

5 Steps to Create Blueprint for your Ultimate Joy-filled Business 

On Your Schedule!

Don't let exact dates be the reason you don't sign up.  If you miss the LIVE round, you can work at your own pace with a replay.

Online "Brilliance" Workshop

Let's roll up our sleeves and actually start taking action to figure out how your brilliance impacts your time efficiency. We'll be actually DOING the work live during the workshop. 

Jennifer Dunham

TIme, Money and Happiness Matters expert and your Online "Take Action" hostess ;-)
Any of this sound familiar?
Imagine doing less in your business because you’re focused on the things that you excel at – and having the perfect mix of time, money, and clients.

In just three weeks, you’re going to have massive clarity on what you’re meant to do and you’re going to be excited to do it! 
  • You know you’ve got a personal superpower … but you’ll be damned if you know how to articulate it (or make money from it!)
  • ​You feel [this close] to a breakthrough in your business … but what you need to do to actually BREAK through eludes you. 
  • ​You already recognize that the secret sauce to your business is being authentically and uniquely YOU … but you don’t know how to leverage that knowledge into action. 
Drum roll please! 
You aren’t a failure because you can’t figure it out on your own. In fact, you’re a pretty smart cookie because you’re here – looking for a solution.
Hi, I’m Jennifer Dunham and I’ve been where you’re at. When I created my “new” business, “Happiness Matters” I could feel that I was on to something that would unlock the deep meanings of the Universe (sorry, getting all poetic!)

I mean, unlock the relationship between time, money, and happiness – so I could have more of it all and create a life that I was excited to live. 

But I was [this close] and just couldn’t see the way forward. I struggled with figuring how to attract the right ideal clients and make money in this new business. 

(Sound like you?) 

Then, one of my coaches asked me, “What are you really good at? Why is your other business so successful?” 

My other business is an IT company and an award-winning photography studio. 

It was a huge a-ha moment for me. Lightning had struck my brain! I realized that I was teaching/sharing what I’m good at, for free, for years … but never realized it could be part of my dream lifestyle and business. 

It was my secret sauce… 

And now, I’m going to show you how you can find yours. Introducing: 
Discover your Unique Brilliance(TM) workshop:
5 Steps to Create Your Ultimate Joy-filled Business
Imagine doing less in your business because you’re focused on the things that you excel at – and having the perfect mix of time, money, and clients.

In just three weeks, you’re going to have massive clarity on what you’re meant to do and you’re going to be excited to do it! 
STOP!  So, What Is This Live "DISCOVER YOUR BRILLIANCE BLUEPRINT" Intensive Workshop All About...
And What Do We Actually Get Done in our time together?

Finding Your Sweet Spot. 

You don’t want to be everything to everybody. Together, we’re going to discover unique sweet spot that is the intersection between your talents, what you love, and what people will pay you for. (It’s not what you think!) 

AND you’ll be able to be excited to leverage it into more income (with less time!) 

What’s Your Superpower? 

You’re going to be able to describe your superpower in a way that makes the exact perfect client FLOCK to work with you. This isn’t marketing jargon! It’s being able to clearly articulate your awesomeness so people can say “Yes!” 

AND you’ll be able to have a deeper understanding of why you’re unique. 

Your Personality Plays a Role 

Let’s not be a salmon swimming upstream! When you’re fully in alignment with who you are, then you’re able to authentically relate to others. YOU are you for a reason – and your exact right clients will love you for it! 

AND how to put it all together to move ahead FASTER in your business.  

Terri, Financial Solutions Network

Recognizing my own Unique Brilliance has helped me to clearly see what is most important to me and what brings me true joy in my life. 

It helped me determine what tasks are most important, and what to tackle first, toward achieving my dreams and goals for my life. Terrific stuff!!!
How It Works...
Here’s how we’ll cover it all:

These aren’t just  “training” sessions where I yak at you and you furiously take notes. Nope, we’re going to WORKSHOP the items right then and there. 

Everything is recorded so you can pause, do the work and go at your pace! And to make sure you get the most out of our work together, you have access to a private Facebook group where we can connect further. 

PLUS, these amazing bonuses! 

Bonus: Bonus Golden Ticket to “Your Profitable Lifestyle Live Retreat” 
Your unique brilliance is only one third of the equation for more time, money, and happiness. When you join me for this 3-day retreat, you’ll get the other two pieces so you can have the clarity about what has been holding you back and discover the steps you need to take to transform your beliefs about what’s possible for your life so you can reach your highest potential. 
(Value $1997)  

By now you’re doing a fist pump and thinking, “Jennifer, yes! This is the secret sauce that gives me the business I want. What’s the investment?” 

I love that you recognize that you are making an investment into yourself and into your business! Because you’ve already been paying the cost … 

… the cost of struggling to attract the right clients. 
… the cost of fighting your natural gifts and personality to fit into some business guru’s plan.
… the cost of spinning your wheels and never having the time and money freedom you want.

All those costs suck. You know exactly what the emotional cost is. And if you had to put a dollar amount on them, what would it be? 

$500? $1,000? $5,000? 

It’s all too much! You know you can’t keep doing what you’ve been doing and expect to suddenly have things change. 

You can invest $997 in the Discover Your Unique Brilliance Workshop Intensive....but...

...WAIT - I know you’re ready to take action – which is why I’m bringing you the Intensive at the Fast Action Rate of just $197

You’re also protected by my “Love the Training Guarantee”. If within 14 days, you’re doing the exercises and fully participating and can show your completed work but not seeing value in what you are learning, you can request a full refund. All you’ll have to do is submit your worksheets (to show that you’re making an effort!) 

So, are you in?  

Lester, The Intentional Visionary

Jennifer, your help getting me to distill my course to three modules and develop the value propositions for each one based on my unique brilliance was very helpful to me. It enabled me to come up with the offer and I will use this going forward with other ideas in the future. I have also gained confidence to put myself out there and make more offers! In less than a month of working together, I have 2 new clients. Thank you for everything! 
Yes, Jennifer! Enroll me in Discover Your Unique Brilliance Workshop Intensive! 
I understand that for my investment of $197 (normally $997) I receive: 

√ All 9 training modules that I can watch at my own pace
√ Exercises to unlock my Unique Brilliance
√ Exclusive access to our private Facebook group

And the following bonuses: 

Golden  Ticket to “Your Profitable Lifestyle Live Retreat” ($1997 value) - all 3 days!


Step #1: Click the red button to reserve your spot. You'll then be directed to the payment page to complete your purchase.

Step #2: You watch the training with me, Jennifer Dunham, over the span of 9 modules. Each module you will be DOING work to start building out your own Unique Brilliance Blueprint! 
Identify your Sweet Spot
We will identify your "sweet spot" of the tasks you should be that you can stop doing everything.

Take Back Control
You will learn to use your Unique Brilliance in order to scale to the next level, take back control of your business and stop letting your business run you. 
Find Passion & Proficiency
During the workshop you will find your balance between Passion and Proficiency.

I know you can have a thriving business that is rooted in YOU – your unique brilliance – so you love your business, have fantastic clients, and make the money you want.

Let’s make that happen, together!   
Be Happy NOW,

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