Why is Social Media Influence Important?

Why is Social Media Influence Important?

Information is power.

It always has been. It always will be.


Well, it all comes down to the idea of “I know something that you don’t”.

Someone who possesses knowledge that someone else doesn’t is already in an advantageous position when it comes to that other person.

The bit of unknown information that they possess has the ability to control the other person to one extent or another, depending on how much the other person wants to obtain that information.

When the desire for the information increases, so does the amount of control.

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Why is Social Media Influence Important?

Now the power of information dissemination is not a zero-sum game.

The person with the information does not absolutely benefit at the expense of the person desiring the information.

Instead, the exchange of information between two people results in a sort of fluid dance where each party, more or less, gains a benefit that equals the mutual detriment inherent in the trade.

In other words, the possessor of the information gains something from divulging what they know.

Conversely, the value of the information received by the other party equals or exceeds the price they had to pay to obtain that information.

In a best-case scenario, the exchange of information between two people is a subjective win/win for the people involved…

…even though an objective view of the same transaction might appear otherwise.

Specifically, if someone desires something badly, they are willing to pay more in order to obtain it.

Another person, who has less desire for the item in question, may see the price paid as too high, but this objective opinion of the transaction in question does not affect the satisfaction of the parties involved.

In short, when it comes to information the perception of value is everything.

It is this subjectivity that makes social media influence so important to a business.

Social media allows a business to directly increase the perception of value in regard to a product or service among a specifically targeted audience.

When the audience’s idea of a product’s value increases, so does their desire for that product.

Increased product desire, in turn, results in not only increased sales but also in increased revenues due to the willingness of the target audience to pay a higher price per unit for the product in question.

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