Through my unique approach that is used in each of my programs, I can help you change your overwhelming and unfulfilling, zombie-like life into an exciting life you love!

Jen has a way of making you have that hard conversation with yourself that you don’t want to have. For me, it was the decision to quit my high-paying job that I once loved, but no longer enjoyed, to do something that I truly love: being home with my kids. Even though I had gone over the pros and cons in my head, and with my husband, multiple times, Jen made me think through things I had never considered. She is able to see all sides to the situation which helped remove any insecurities and gave me the confidence to do what I know would make me happy. I cannot thank her enough. ~ Natalie

Coaching Programs

A coaching program designed for the ambitious high-achiever who looks like she “has it all,” but feels empty and lost inside. This program shows you how to prioritize, reduce overwhelm and focus on what matters most so you can learn to create a life you truly love.


You’ve been told to work harder, be more productive, do more, give more, buy more… and then you’ll be happy. You’ve created your success and now you feel a bit lost. Isn’t it time to start being happier? A virtual workshop designed to jumpstart you on the path to loving your happy life.

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