#1 Biggest Way To Find More Time In Your Day!

#1 Biggest Way To Find More Time In Your Day!

Do you find that you get to the end of our day and you’re not sure where the day went?

Or maybe it’s only 3pm and you’re already brain dead?

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I’m sharing the #1 biggest discovery I made (besides using habits) to find more time in my day!

Join me below and I’ll throw in a few of my best habits!

Please leave us a comment and share something you do daily to help keep you focused, energized, and productive.

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18 Responses to #1 Biggest Way To Find More Time In Your Day!

  1. A brain dump helps to create a “parking lot” of potential ideas that may help me later when I hit a roadblock and want to review possible alternatives.

  2. Meditation — sit quietly during the day. At night, I meditate while listening to soft music. Recently discovered David Foster’s “11 Words” solo piano music that is so calming for me!

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