10 Garden Vegetables You Need to Know About

10 Garden Vegetables You Need to Know About

It’s sometimes recommended that you don’t try to grow vegetables that are readily available at your local supermarket. If a particular vegetable is inexpensive, you might want to skip growing it and just purchase it. But, here are 10 garden vegetables you need to know about when starting your own garden, which can also save you money!

Of course, it can be difficult to find good quality in some types of vegetables, so if there is a big difference in quality, that could be a great reason for growing that type.here are 10 garden vegetables you need to know about when starting your own garden, which can also save you money!

10 Garden Vegetables You Need to Know About

1 – Tomatoes – I started with tomatoes actually, and was amazed throughout the whole process. Seeing tomatoes grow small and big, made me more excited to grow a lot of other fruits and vegetables. Although tomatoes are technically a fruit, its savory nature leads to this little beauty being considered a vegetable by most people. Tomatoes found in stores are usually picked nearly green and then ripened artificially.

This is done to ensure they are tough enough to survive shipping without being smashed, and so they last longer on the shelves. Since tomato quality can be really poor in stores, this is a very good choice. Tomatoes are the most popular choice for vegetable gardeners, because they probably have the most noticeable difference over store bought.

2 – Lettuce – Although iceberg lettuce doesn’t very that much from store to home, leaf lettuces and other fancy lettuces can taste much sweeter and crisper if grown at home. Plus, exotic lettuces can often be very expensive.

3 – Peas – Peas can be very hard to find fresh. Canned peas are often mushy, and although frozen peas are certainly better than canned, they still pale in comparison to fresh peas. Tiny baby peas are sweet, delicate, and delicious, making them well worth the effort.

4 – Carrots – Store bought carrots are often woody, tough, and bitter. Even organic carrots often carry a strong bitterness caused by being kept at temperatures that are too cool for too long. Fresh carrots are generally very sweet and delicious.

5 – Radishes – Radishes are cheap and easy to find in stores, but most store bought radishes are already turning pithy. If you’ve ever bitten into a radish that was dry and spongy inside, you’ll understand how bad pithy radishes are. Fresh radishes are delightful!

6 – Greens – Although most greens are readily available in stores, they’re often yellowing and wilted by the time you buy them. By growing them yourself, you can be sure you have fresh greens when you want them.

7 – Asparagus – Fresh asparagus is often ridiculously expensive, and canned asparagus is mushy and horrible! The only way to get affordable asparagus that isn’t mushy and bland is to grow it yourself.

8 – Peppers – Peppers in stores are often shriveled and pathetic. Plus, peppers that aren’t standard green peppers can often be very expensive. My local store has sold red peppers for as much as $2.99 each, which is crazy! Grow your own and save money.

9 – Cucumbers – Store bought cucumbers are often bitter and dry. If you’ve ever had a dried out, semi-hollow cucumber, you’ll understand the importance of growing your own!

10 – Corn – Sweet corn is a delight to eat when it’s freshly picked. Corn is extremely sensitive to being off the stalk. Once it’s been off the stalk for 6 hours, it starts to deteriorate rapidly. You’ve never had corn until you’ve eaten it cooked fresh.

I hope these options work out for you if you’re serious about planting and growing your own vegetables. And if you need any tips to start your own, feel free to reach out to me, or check out our Farm & Garden posts.

If you’ve gone through the gardening experience, share with us your tips!

6 Responses to 10 Garden Vegetables You Need to Know About

  1. I love growing tomatoes! I have a little 4×6 plot and I usually squeeze in tomatoes, cukes and peppers, plus beets (I love beets) and green onions and swiss chard. Plus BASIL for caprese salads. I’m so excited for capreses this year ’cause I started making mozzarella over the winter.

    Have to give the cukes a break this year, for the last 2 years they’ve started out great but succumbed to some stupid mildewy thing. Maybe I’ll put carrots in the cucumber corner this year.

    I always say that if I had to pick one thing to grow to actually feed myself, I’d probably go for the chard – everything else I grow has on years and off years but the chard always comes through!

  2. I LOVE planting, harvesting and eating spinach! It;s such a low maintenance, HIGH yield crop, and super nutritious. I get such high yields with minimum effort that I often share with friends and family. There is more than enough for me for all my spinach smoothies and veggie dishes, so I am happy to give the gift of fresh, organic nutrient-dense spinach to family and friends.

  3. As a gardener and seeker of all things beautiful, these are great. Afterall what is summer without tomato’s?

  4. Fresh vegetables from the garden are one of my favorite things. I grew up with my parents always having a garden when I was younger. I miss the fresh veggies! The store bought ones can’t compare.

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