25 Days of Giving Thanks in December

25 Days of Giving Thanks in December

My goal each December is to do a 25 day blog post series leading up to Christmas about 25 things I’m thankful for. I’ll be sharing once a week, detailing my 25 days of giving thanks in December, and hope it’ll spark your appreciation for what you have in your life.

We often take this time to reminisce about our events throughout the year. I realize we have Thanksgiving Day, then Christmas, and New Year’s….and this in part is why people give thanks. But, we should be giving thanks every day of the year.

During December, we tend to reminisce about events throughout the year. Read my making a 25 days of Giving Thanks in December list to inspire you.

Here is my list that I will be sharing with you as the month progresses. Feel free to use it as an inspiration for yours.

1. Home
2. Health
3. Husband
4. Family
5. Friends
6. Pets
7. My 5 senses
8. My ability to exercise
9. Silence
10. The outdoors
11. Weather
12. The sky
13. Food
14. Traveling
15. My destiny
16. Freedom
17. My voice
18. My fear
19. Creativity
20. Strength
21. My job
22. Education
23. Laughter
24. Love
25. Life

Consider making a list of all the things you are thankful for….you’d be surprised in how many you come up with, and may even exceed the 25. You can share your thoughts with your family each night at dinner, which makes good conversation. Or, write them up in small pieces of paper, fold them, put them in a jar, and open one each day. It’s a good reminder for me in why I’m thankful, if I ever wake up cranky, and am not feeling the day.

Be sure to check back every 5-7 Days to read in more detail why the items above are on my list.

Read Days 1-7 here.
Read Days 8-14 here.
Read Days 15-21 here.
Read Days 22-25 here.

Happy Holidays Everyone! Live loud and clear and get inspired with my FREE Manifesto Guide.

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