7 Cooking Tips To Reduce Fat

7 Cooking Tips To Reduce Fat

It seems a lot of the recipes we grew up with are very heavy in fat and saturated fat. And even today, many of the best chefs and their cookbooks are full of fatty recipes. In order to eat healthy and live a healthy life, it’s important to cut back on the amount of fat you consume on a daily basis. This means adopting some new cooking techniques and learning how to be a savvy chef.Taking the time to cut back on fat can have a dramatic effect on your health. Get these 7 Cooking Tips To Reduce Fat!

Here are 7 cooking tips to reduce fat.

#1 Purchase nice cookware. There are many brands that offer safe relatively non-stick features. This means you do not need to add fat to the pan to ensure your food doesnít stick. A light coating of cooking spray will do the trick.

#2 When you’re baking don’t use the egg yolk. Most often you can substitute egg whites or an egg substitute and eliminate the fat from the yolk. You can also often substitute applesauce for oil in many baking recipes. Breads are especially good with an applesauce substitute.

#3 Always choose low-fat or skim dairy products when cooking. Yes, Alfredo sauce tastes great with heavy cream. However, it tastes just as good with skim milk too and it has much less fat.

#4 Instead of meat, add beans, tofu or tempeh. Many recipes call for protein and red meat is the common go to meat. However, red meat is high in saturated fat. Instead of meat, add beans or a soy based protein and practically eliminate the fat. Chili is a great recipe that can be meatless. Sloppy Joe’s and many soups and stews are also great in a meatless or low meat, option.

#5 Always trim the fat from your meat before you cook it. And unless the recipe specifically calls for it, remove the skin from chicken before you cook it.

#6 Instead of seasoning foods with butter and fat, season them with fresh herbs. Herbs not only add tremendous flavor to foods, they also often add a health benefit. For example, parsley is good for digestion.

#7  Substitute lean protein for fatty protein. Instead of hamburgers, make turkey burgers. Instead of pepperoni on your pizza, add Canadian bacon. Look for lean cuts of meat to substitute fatty cuts in any recipe you make.

Cutting back on the fat when you cook isn’t difficult. However, it does take a bit of advanced planning and consideration. Taking the time to cut back on fat can have a dramatic effect on your health. You’ll feel better, you’ll look better and you’ll be healthier.

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  1. I’m not one with a tremendous focus on reducing fat – – I’m more focused on sugar these days 🙂 – – but I remember being shocked at the amount of saturated fat’s one could reduce when simply blotting the top of takeout pizza. It sounds so silly but my husband now swears by that tip.

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