Be Seen As An Authority In Your Niche

Be Seen As An Authority In Your Niche

As an entrepreneur, we all want to be looked upon as the go-to expert and authority in our field.

But it’s not always easy to create authority in a specific niche.

You’ll want to add a couple of tools in your entrepreneurial toolbox.

be seen as an authority

How To Be Seen As An Authority In Your Niche

Think of some people that come to mind when you think of cooking shows.

I think of Emeril Lagasse, Guy Fieri, or Rachel Ray

Or what about people that write books about tidying up.

Like May Kendo or Toni Hammersley.

They have put themselves in a position of authority in their niche.

If you want people in your niche to recognize you as an authority and expert, you need to take their lead.

People have certain expectations of authority figures. And they all share similar traits.

Be a Leader 

This one is a given.

Authority figures should be leaders in their niche who aren’t afraid to take the initiative.

Do Not Fear Controversy 

Some people fear being controversial, but as an authority, you should embrace it.

Controversy doesn’t need to be bad! Just do something that no one else is doing.

The key is to let others know your opinion about your expert topic.

SHARE your ideas with the world!

Be Respectful

No matter what you do, you should always respect others.

That goes for those you need your services or your product AND those you would like to partner with as a joint venture.

Staying in an authority position is just so much easier when people actually like you.

Help Others

If you’re in the business of helping others, it’s a great way to cement your authority status.

Helping others is the perfect way to create lifelong, loyal fans who will stop at nothing to buy every course or product you produce.

AND tell their friends about it!

You can help others just by popping into your Facebook group to interact or reply to emails.

Embrace your Brilliance

Know what you love to do. AND do it!

Know what the market will pay you for.

And work in your brilliance.

If you’re not sure where to start, take a look at my Unique Brilliance Assessment freebie.

Be Social

You cannot become an authority without knowing and interacting with people in your niche.

Whether it’s offline or online on social networks, making an effort to be social and continually make new friends and contacts is one of the most powerful things you can do to make sure your authority status will remain today and in the future.

All the connections you make have the potential to help you and stick up for you, so never pass up an opportunity to make a new friend!

You can mix all those traits into YOU and be an authority in your niche!

If you’re not sure where to start, grab my Unique Brilliance Assessment freebie.

It will give you some great ideas on your brilliance and redefine your business!

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