Clean Eating

Clean Eating

Want to lose a few pounds before the weekend? Ever wonder why celebrities look so fabulous at every red carpet event? Many often-photographed, famous folks use cleanses to help them look thinner for upcoming events. Well, I’ve got a better, healthier, simpler way! Just eat clean! That’s right, eat clean. What does that mean? It means eat like the cavemen used to eat back when there were no grocery stores or boxed macaroni and cheese.Sick of all the junk food? Make a life changing decision, and start clean eating. It's more than losing weight, but getting healthy!

Lately my husband and I have been avoiding processed food. Basically that means nothing that comes in a box. It sounds hard, right? Well it’s not. It can just be a little boring. I’m telling you though, it works! We grocery shop at the beginning of the week and only buy chicken breasts (bone in or boneless) and several types of green veggies (along with some healthy lunch and snack items). For dinner on Monday, we make a bunch of chicken breasts. My hubby is an excellent grill man and comes up with some wonderful rubs.

In the past, I have found it difficult to eat chicken every night but with a rub of salt, pepper, oregano and garlic powder, I love it! We have found that while bone in breasts take much longer to cook, they are super juicy and the skin is easy to peel off when it comes off the grill so it’s still very healthy. We eat our chicken with a green veggies and have leftovers for the next night which we eat with some other green veggies. It makes dinner a cinch and no struggle coming up with ideas for what to eat!

For dessert, we munch on some blueberries or strawberries or have a little melon. For lunch and snacks, we eat leftover chicken, hummus with celery and carrots, raw almonds or pistachios with no salt and some fruit. This diet is way easier in Summer when fresh berries and melons are aplenty at your local grocer.

You get used to eating like this surprisingly quickly and don’t miss the fatty foods as much as you might think. After a few weeks, I felt amazing with lots of energy and a lot less bloated around my belly.

Recently I was severely sleep-deprived for a couple of weeks in a row. Normally this would just put me right out of commission. But, with our healthy eating I actually didn’t feel that horrible. Yes, I was tired but I was still plugging along and not completely out. I chalk this up to the clean eating!

So, avoid any processed foods if you can. You will feel better!

To learn more about eating clean, check out the Clean Eating website. They share information, recipes and more.

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  1. We eat fairly clean. We don’t do the paleo thing, but we do avoid processed foods as much as possible. If you want some extra options, you can follow my monthly cooking blog From the Dark Side of the Fridge. I’m embarking on a plan to help non-cooks learn how to cook, which will help add to your repertoire.

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