Days 1 thru 7 – 25 Days of Giving Thanks

Days 1 thru 7 – 25 Days of Giving Thanks

As I mentioned back on December 1st, I wanted to do a 25 day blog post series about giving thanks as we approach Christmas Day. But it’s even a hit or miss when December rolls around. So, rather than a blog series, I’d like to share a recap of my 7 of 25 days of Giving Thanks. It’s nice to flashback for a few minutes and just be thankful of what you have.

#1 Home. Since moving to the country in our beautiful 5 acres, my husband and I seem more at peace and really enjoy our home. We have been opening our 25 love notes, one of us had written ‘I love our life together’ and the other had written ‘I love our house.’ It really makes a huge difference how loving your home can create a better relationship with your spouse.

#2. I’m very thankful for my health. Both my parents are aging and have medical issues. In my mom’s case, her health is quite severe. I try not to worry that someday I may have similar issues, but this reminds me each day to be thankful for being healthy. Every year when I get a clean bill of health from my doctor and it’s one more year longer that I’ve not had cancer, I’m very thankful.  This last month I had a hysterectomy, which was my first real surgery, and I’ve been at home recovering since.

#3. I love my husband. I’m grateful every day that we are together. There has been some recent tragedies that have shown me how short life can be and how much I love my life. Everyday, I wake up and kiss him good-bye on his way to work and kiss him again as a welcome home. For this, I’m thankful.

As we count down to Christmas, I hope my 7 of 25 days of Giving Thanks will inspire you to hug your children, kiss your spouse, and appreciate your health!

#4. My family is very important to me. I have a sister who is also my best friend. She happens to be married to a pretty good guy, too. 🙂 Luckily, I have a cousin who lives close by us for the last several years. I have an aunt who I’ve become much closer with as we jointly have been caring for my mom. Growing up, our family really didn’t live close to any other families. It’s nice to have family nearby, so we can see each other more often.

#5. I love all my friends. I don’t have tons of close friends, as I tend to nurture those few close relationships I have. But my close friendships have grown each year and I’m very happy to have as many friends as I do. Every one of them would help me in a heart beat and I would do the same for them.  I just came back from a weekend in San Diego where I was able to spend time with a handful of what I would consider close friends.  We know each other via our companies, but the time we spend together is very intimate and vulnerable as we help each other improve our businesses.

#6. We adored our cat Clariese. She’s was 17 years old and we lost her in February.  We are fostering two kittens, we aptly named Velcro and Zipper, and will adopt them as soon as they make weight so they can be spayed.  And we have our 16 chickens. I have learned so much about chicken farming in the last year. We enjoy their eggs everyday and they are as much pets to me as they are working girls.

#7. I am thankful for my 5 senses. Sight, Hearing, Smell, Touch, and Taste. It’s so easy to take such things for granted. I photographed an event called ‘Dining in the Dark’ where participants were blindfolded as they ate. It was in many ways a reminder to me that we eat too fast, we drive by beautiful scenery too fast, we don’t stop to smell the roses, we tune out what we should be listening to, and we don’t hug those we love often enough. Every aspect of our 5 senses is a blessing every day of our lives.

It can be so busy during December, but I managed to get our tree up after Thanksgiving with the help of family, cards went out last weekend, and ‘hoping’ to have our gift wrapping done this week. Of course, I’d have to factor in 3 Christmas parties in the next 2 weeks too.

The list can be endless at times, but I hope you get inspired to kiss your spouse, hug your children, turn the t.v. off while eating dinner, have conversations with your family, and reach out to your special friends at this time of year. Keep in mind that holidays shouldn’t be the only time your thankful. Spreading the love all year round will make a bold statement to people around you. Stay healthy, smell the fresh cut Christmas trees, and enjoy the colorful lights!

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  1. Thanks for reminding us as to what is truly important in this life. If I may share, I am grateful for my husband who so far has conquered cancer–every day is a gift; for my children and grandchildren, for our home which now has a smaller footprint but which suits us just fine; for the peace and love I find in the eyes of most people and I keep hoping to find every more. Anger and hate destroys, belief in the future and love for SOMETHING moves us forward.

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