Days 8 thru 14 – 25 Days of Giving Thanks

Days 8 thru 14 – 25 Days of Giving Thanks

Last week I posted about Days 1 through 7 of my 25 Days of Giving Thanks leading up to Christmas. Today I’m covering days 8 to 14. You’ll remember from my post on December 1st about 25 days of giving thanks, a list I had made of things that I’m thankful for and I want to elaborate on each item.

8. My ability to exercise. As I’m getting older, and feeling older, I appreciate the fact that I can still exercise. My dad recently told me of a tragic accident where a young 20-something was in an accident and is now paralyzed from the neck down. His church took up a special collection for this family as the medical bills were outrageous. It makes one stop and and thank God that you can walk, let alone run. While I may groan and moan about exercising and how hard it is to take weight off, I should be singing praises that I can exercise and sweat.

9. Silence. I know this may seem odd, but I thank God for silence. I truly enjoy the peaceful sound of nature. I am thankful for sleep. Not that every night is sound sleep, but I love sleep and wish I could get more of it. I know that I am not a regular meditation do-er, but I consider my drive home in silence part of my meditation ritual.

10. The outdoors. I love everything there is about the outdoors. I love the flowers, the bees, yes even the mud after a rainstorm. I love sandy beaches and the snowy mountains. There is something so peaceful about the outdoors and if I could, I would spend my working hours outdoors instead of in front of a computer screen.

11. Weather. We are lucky to live in an area that really does have all 4 seasons. I love the spring for the humming of the birds as we hike. I love the color of the leaves during the fall. I’m a heat lover, so I’m a fan of the hot summers. And while the winter is probably my least favorite season, I do love having the fire in the fireplace at night to heat the house.

Read about my 8 thru 14 days of 25 days of Giving Thanks as I countdown to Christmas. See how silence, walking, the sky, and traveling made my list.

12. The sky. I am a sun worshiper. Well, since melanoma skin cancer, I wear sun screen ALL the time, but I still love the sun. I love the heat. But I love, just as much, the cold nights where you can camp outside and watch the stars. When you can sit in front of the campfire, and see your breath as you breathe. And who doesn’t love the clouds!?!? Nothing is better than those puffy shapes as they cross the sky.

13. Food. I love food. At first I was going to be smart and say ‘enough said’. But that doesn’t give enough credit to how much I love food. I love cooking new dishes, using ingredients from my garden. I know my husband would prefer for me to stick with say the best 10 dishes we both love, but I love to experiment. Sadly, he will just have to put up with my trial and error as I create both good and not so good dishes.

14. Traveling. I guess in some ways this leads back to #8 and my ability to move around, but I’m so thankful for the opportunities I’m given to travel. This last year I took a special 10 day trip with my husband to Montana/Wyoming/South Dakota.  I’m even more thankful that I had such a supportive husband who agrees to such trips. 🙂

I hope that my last week of being thankful inspires you to stop and think about the items on my list. I would love to hear how you are blessed by any of this last week’s items!

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  1. I really really love number nine. Number nine was my word for the entire 2015 year. Embracing silence learning to be comfortable on the silence and giving silence to others and allowing them to speak and me to listen.

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