Fall Tree Colors

Fall Tree Colors

What brings a smile to your face at this time of year? I really love and enjoy the fall season and its colors. From colorful greens, reds, and yellows on trees, I just like to freeze the Fall tree colors in that exact moment and enjoy it. It always takes me back to being a carefree kid, jumping on leaves, and finding the perfect shaped leaf to bring home and decorate.

What makes you smile this time of year? It's starting to feel like Fall, and I just love all the fall tree colors.

Fall Tree Colors

Sometimes doing silly things like this can become a tradition of fun and laughter no one can take away from you. So, don’t be afraid stomp away when you come across a pile of leaves.

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Share with me some of your ideas that brings a smile to your face.

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  1. You are singing my song. Fantastic photo. Now that I live in CA. the change in seasons is much more subtle, so the photo makes me nostalgic. Love the fall. Beth

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