Happiness Creates Energy

Happiness Creates Energy

Stress and anger are harsh realities of life. Overcoming them means taking control of your happiness. Happiness creates energy. Energy to move through your day with ease. Let’s find happiness today and increase energy!

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Happiness and energy enjoy a complex relationship. Happy people are more motivated than unhappy people and that with happiness comes passion. Passion and happiness create energy.

Take control of your happiness. Happiness creates energy. Energy to move through your day with ease. Let's find happiness today and increase energy!

If you’re not happy with something you’re doing or in a relationship that is abusive, it may be time to assess what effect it’s having on your life. Happiness is difficult if an important link in the chain of happiness is broken.

If you aren’t happy, it’s time to assess your actions and relationships.

Have you ever noticed how energetic you become when everything is working out for you? Perhaps you got the job or promotion you always wanted. Maybe you realize true business success. Maybe you fell in love for the first time.

Your energy level seems boundless when you’re happy and your outlook on life is bright. When you aren’t happy, you likely notice that your energy levels wane and you become less productive.

Happiness Creates Energy

Just the very act of pursuing happiness can calm you down and help you feel more in control of your life. If you’re feeling “down”, that’s the time when you should force yourself to get up and engage in some type of activity you enjoy.

During certain activities, such as exercise – or anything that gets your heart rate up – endorphins are produced in the brain.

Endorphins bring an energy you won’t have in a sedentary life.

Psychological factors also affect your happiness and energy levels. If you’re not happy and you’re thinking negative thoughts, you can bring yourself down just as if you had a debilitating illness.

It’s important to learn to control the negativity in your life and how it might be affecting your energy and productivity. There are ways such as meditation and biofeedback methods which can help immediately replace those negative thoughts and feelings with positive ones.

Motivation is so closely linked with happiness that businesses are making more of an effort to make employees happy by providing bright offices and a more relaxed atmosphere. Some companies let employees bring their pets to work, which provides a level of happiness not usually found in the workplace and allow for exercise breaks.

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By increasing your motivation, removing the negativity in your life, and implementing healthy practice you can increase your happiness level which will give you more energy.

Your health, diet, exercise, spiritual and mental health, relationships, and environment should all be making you happy for you to enjoy the energy level you desire. Happiness creates energy and we could all use more energy to make it through each day.

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4 Responses to Happiness Creates Energy

  1. Happiness is a choice. This is a revelation. If we are happy in our body, our mind becomes happy. Hold the body as if it was bursting with happiness, and you will feel happy, body and soul. Gradually this way of holding the body, of framing out lives will become a habit. We will begin to understand that happiness is a choice. And it’s an inside job. It has less or little to do with the circumstances in our lives, success or failure, acquisitions, relationships, etc. Happiness is our birthright. We have to feel into it and practice it. It’s like doing push-ups. And when we are happy, energy comes. And when we are happy, people love us. I did not always know these things. But I know them now. And you can too. Happiness is a choice. Assume a happy posture in your body and see how it immediately makes you feel great. A physical slump -> emotional slump. A happy body -> makes the mind happy. There’s nothin’ to it but to do it.

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