Happy 7th Anniversary

Happy 7th Anniversary

Two weeks ago Cory and I celebrated our Happy 7th Anniversary. I’m not sure I’ve ever posted much in the way of our wedding photos (too long ago) but every anniversary, I dig out our photos and I love them all over again. I sometimes hear about people who are disappointed in their wedding photos, but I’m so lucky that I found the best Sacramento wedding photographer for my wedding – and she was still shooting film at the time!

Our photographer was none other than the wonderful Beth Baugher of True Love Photo. We got married in San Francisco. Cory and I did a separate photo shoot the day before we got married so that we could take the time to get photos in some of the landmark spots I wanted, but knew on the day of the wedding would take too long.

Here we are at the famous Painted Ladies, practicing our first dance at the back side of the Embarcadero, and the Legion of Honor. I loved my 1st dress, bought off the rack as 4 seasons old, and was re-designed by Carol Kenney Design, keeping what I loved, getting rid of what I didn’t. Yes the photo shoot was an excuse for 2 dresses and two bouquets.

We rented a limo, and our friends Ashley and Reece went with us as we drove around the city. Fog City Diner, famous for the movie ‘So I Married an Axe Murderer’, even opened their doors for us (they were closed) so that we could have a soda. ‘So I Married an Axe Murderer’ is one of our favorite movies. I mean who wouldn’t love lines like this:

Charlie Mackenzie: How many people have you brutally murdered?
Harriet Michaels: Well, brutal’s a very subjective word. I mean, what’s brutal to one person might be totally reasonable to somebody else.

The next morning, the sun broke through the clouds (in May) and it looked to be a fantastic day. We were the first wedding ever at Hotel Vitale in San Francisco. They had just opened.

Cory and I had treats waiting in the rooms of all our guests…all 18 of them.

We hired local San Francisco floral designer, Nancy Liu Chin, and we used many of my favorite flowers, including Gerbera daisies.

The decor was simple…we rented the penthouse suite and the floor below for the ceremony and reception. The Bay Bridge in the background was perfect. Sailboats on the water….picture perfect.

My sister made the aisle runner and each pillow on the chairs.

We had our closest friends in attendance. Our friend, Matt 2nd shot for Beth during the ceremony.

The cocktail hour, complete with pomegranate martinis, allowed everyone to get their smiles on….even my dad…who may have had a few.

We surprised our guests with a rented Cable car ride before dinner. Beth had to work it, like she always does, to not only get shots of us while on the Cable car, but also as the Cable car came rolling down the street.

Cory and I had been taking dance lessons from Del Campo Studios. Upon return from the cable car ride, we performed a fox trot right straight away to Frank Sinatra, so that we could actually enjoy dinner. Otherwise, we’d be waiting anxiously trying to remember our routine.

As The sun began to set, we sat at a King’s table for dinner. At the time, being so new, we were allowed to order right off the open menu at the Americano Restaurant. Those of you in the wedding industry know that is unheard of…but again, we were a party of only 18. The Chef even came out to greet us.

Each table place setting had a different movie quote per person, selected and paired to fit each person. Thanks to Stephanie J. at Honey Paperie for creating such wonderful paper products.

The sun had gone down and my dad I danced our father/daugher dance. It was cold and I was able to wear a family heirloom to keep warm.

Our cake was left for last, as the black frosting and cake left your teeth just a little black too. 🙂 Not the greatest for photos. But our cake maker, Cecile from Cakework, was super excited to be able to make a black wedding cake!

I’m not sure who took this next photo, most likely my dad, of miss Bethy B. (Funny the date on the camera is off by a day.) Our wedding day (well weekend) was perfect. I love looking back every year on our photos. You are the best, my friend. Your warm and generous heart makes these photos all the more meaningful. It couldn’t have been more perfect!!! Thanks for the wonderful memories year after year.

Most of these photos were taken by Beth of True Love Photo, however there could be some of my sisters and Matt’s mixed in too.

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