No Cost ways to Give at the Holidays

No Cost ways to Give at the Holidays

Christmas time can be quite expensive, but I want to share with you some No Cost ways to Give at the Holidays. Sometimes we may not be able to meet your budgetary goals, and it can feel a bit disappointing not being able to buy the gifts you would normally like to give.

The value of a gift, however, doesn’t necessarily equate with a dollar value. Try these 10 small ideas for NO COST gift giving to both friends and strangers at the holidays.

1. Write a letter or send a card to someone you love. Tell them what they mean to you and maybe even include some highlights of the best memories you have with them.

2. Call someone. Is there someone you’ve not spoken to in awhile? Reach out and just say hello. Ask them how they are doing and wish them a happy holiday.

3. Give up your time. Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Help organize the can/food drive at work.

4. Remember it’s not personal. Christmas time can be stressful to some, and for others, it can bring up sad memories. If you happen to be on the receiving end of someone being short with you, remember, you don’t know their situation. Turn the other cheek and just move on.

5. As you plan your holiday meals, remember those who might be eating alone. Ask them over to join you and your family. They may not be a close friend, but you could sure make their entire Christmas by asking them to join in on your family fun.

Christmas time can be quite expensive, but I want to share with you some No Cost ways to Give at the Holidays. Spread the joy all around where you can.

6. Smile. It’s as easy as that! Be sure to smile at those around you. Take the pressure off a potentially stressful time of year by just being pleasant and sincere.

7. Say thank you. Going along with the sincerity of #6, it goes a long way to others if you show your appreciation. Don’t forget to thank those strangers who may hold the door open for you as you race inside from the bad weather.

8. Participate in ‘Pay it Forward’ initiative. Rather than feel obligated in purchasing a gift at the holidays, create a web of connection with others by suggesting that you will send something at some point during this calendar year – anything from a book, a ticket, something home grown, homemade, a postcard, absolutely any surprise! There will be no warning, and it will happen when the mood comes over you when you find something that you believe would suit them, and make them happy.

9. Make home-made gifts. Most of us have supplies laying around the house to make something! Even for those of us who are not the sewing, hands-on type of creative artists, can make home-made gifts. I dried herbs from my garden this year and they make plentiful home-made gifts. I also have a library of cookbooks and plan to write my 12 favorite recipes out to give as a calendar of sorts.

10. Be an anonymous giver. Do you know someone who could really benefit from any of the above ideas? Leave a surprise note to a child telling them they are doing a great job on their efforts at school. Or leave an anonymous home-made gift on someone’s door step and make their whole year!

Think outside the box of ways you can give during this holiday season. I would love to hear about your ideas?!

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