Small And Strong is Better Than Bigger

Small And Strong is Better Than Bigger

Size does not matter. Engagement and responsiveness does!

Converting is all about the know, like, trust factor.

Small And Strong is Better

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Small and Strong is Better than Bigger

1. Know, Like & Trust

This isn’t anything new.

For people to hand over their credit card information they need to feel as if you’re someone they can trust.

Money is personal…

…so to spend money on your products or services means that you’ve succeeded in getting them to feel as if they know, like, and trust you.

Lists as small as 1,200 to 1,500 (and even smaller depending on the niche) can generate enough money for you to make a living!

2. Build a Targeted List

Instead of worrying about how many people you have on your list you want to build a list full of people who really want what you offer them.

You may eventually build a big list, but why not make money while you’re at it?

Why not build your list to be a big targeted list?

This will happen because you’ve targeted your audience with a great freebie or lead magnet or entry-level product that is only right for that perfect ideal audience member.

3. Cross Promote

If you already have a social media presence this will be easier, but even if you don’t, you can cross promote your email list on your website, blog, and social media.

If people are already engaging with you on these other platforms they’re going to prove to be very responsive as a subscriber to your email list too.

4. Nurture the List

When you build a targeted list, you’re going to start getting results while your list is small, right from the beginning because you’re going to nurture your list.

Here are some ways to nurture:

  • You can have an amazing follow-up series
  • You know how to segment the audience based on their behavior so that you can offer specific amazing products and services.
  • You’ll educate them, inform them, and show them who you are.

This will get the results you want. After all, results are what matters right?

5. Engage Your List

Outside of educational messages and promotions, it’s also important that you engage your list.

Ways to engage your list are to be personal.

There are so many great ways to engage your list now.

  • You can send them an invite to your online live events.
  • Tell them about your newest blog post.
  • Ask them to respond to questions and polls.

The more you can get your audience to click through, respond, and engage the higher your open rate will become, and the more responsive your list will be.

When you build your list, focus on targeted subscribers.

Know who your ideal audience is and make sure you do what it takes to attract them to your list.

Your lead magnet is the first step to creating a targeted email list, so it’s important to get it right.

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