Focus on the Small Things to Find True Happiness

Focus on the Small Things to Find True Happiness

Now that your financial happiness is taken care of, how about keeping everyday happiness a priority. It’s so hard to see how every day we can add to our happiness. You can focus on the small things to find true happiness each and every day!

True happiness is sitting down to a delicious dinner that you’ve been looking forward to all day.

Likewise, happiness is sitting down on the couch and knowing you’re about to watch the new episode of your favorite TV show. It’s also getting a backrub from your partner.

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What is happiness to you?

These are all examples of what many of us would consider ‘little things’ but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be absolutely instrumental in helping us to feel happier. These are ‘creature comforts’ and pleasant asides but they are super powerful in raising our mood and helping us to feel on top of the world.

Focus on the Small Things to Find True Happiness

So the question is, how do you get to the point where little things make you happier and how do you make sure you have a constant supply of the little things which make you happy?

Finding the Little Things

The first thing to do is to find those little things and to make sure they keep coming. All of us have things that make us feel great and all of us have hobbies and activities that we enjoy. The trick then is to identify how you can enjoy those things on a regular basis – whether it’s a favorite food or whether it’s your favorite TV show.

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Next, you need to make plans to enjoy the little things. A little ‘pleasure delay’ here can work wonders, so ideally you want to spend the whole day at work looking forward to that thing that you want to do in the evening. Don’t constantly indulge but instead build up the moment in your mind and look forward to it happening.

Make it a point to find the little things in life each day which make you happy.

Great Things to Do

The problem is that many of us don’t know how to make the very most of our spare time. We spend all day watching useless TV we aren’t really interested in instead and this is our ‘down time’.

In fact though, there are countless great things you can be doing all the time and the vast majority of them are free.

You could download a new book to listen to. You could go to a new movie or try out a new restaurant. You could explore a local park. You could try cooking something weird and ambitious. You could try to plant your own bonsai tree. Anything that makes you happy!

There are a million different activities, so spend some time thinking about all the exciting things you could do at home and make a habit of writing more ideas down as they come to you. Indulge in your favorite food meanwhile and suddenly your life will be filled with amazing little happiness moments.

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2 Responses to Focus on the Small Things to Find True Happiness

  1. Hi, Jennifer

    We, human beings, always make that mistake that we will be happy if we are successful. In fact, our daily happiness is build upon our appreciation and awareness of many little happiness of accomplish things throughout the day.

    The collection of these little happiness makes a huge amazing happiness.

    Thanks for the reminder!

    Stella Chiu

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