How to Tap Into Your Greatness When You Need A Lift

How to Tap Into Your Greatness When You Need A Lift

There’s sometimes that feeling you get when someone gives you a compliment, or how about that fluttery feeling when an attractive someone smiles at you and catches your eye. Those are all good feelings aren’t they? Well, how about if you were able to feel those feelings all on your own and to be able to call them up at any time? You need to be able to tap into your greatness when you need a lift.

Learn How to Tap into Your Greatness When You Need A Lift! See 3 ways that can help you.

Have you ever noticed how we can be our own worst enemy? We talk ourselves out of things that are good for us, we talk ourselves in to things that are no good for us. We don’t even get out of the gate with some projects because of the self-sabotaging talk we offer ourselves.

Moreover, we know darn well that if our best friends were to talk to themselves like that we would never allow it. We would stop them dead in their tracks and point out all their wonderful attributes and then some. Why is it then that we cannot or do not do this for ourselves? There are some ways to start this practice with yourself, however.

How to Tap Into Your Greatness When You Need a Lift


We have all probably heard about self affirmations and maybe even thought they were a little silly. So, if the thought of telling yourself how much you are in love with yourself while looking in a mirror sounds a bit over the top, just hold on a minute.

How about trying something different? How about talking to yourself like you would an old familiar friend. When your friends are down and out, what is the first thing you do? You lift them up, that’s what. Try lifting yourself up when you feel that way.

Start by telling yourself out loud and, yes, in the mirror how much you have accomplished. By listing your accomplishments, you will see that they far outweigh your failures.

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Make it a Visual Thing

One of the best things to do to tap into your greatness is to keep photos of accomplishments all around you. For example, let’s say you had a fear of flying and you took your first flight ever, then post a picture of that trip in your home office, or even in front of your work station. This will remind you that you have achieved greatness by overcoming fear.

If you have children, of course, post pictures of them. After all, they are some of your greatest achievements. If you obtained a certification in something or made someone smile and they sent you a thank you note, post that up there too.

The more you post acknowledging your greatness, the more you will feel it internally.

Tap into Your Faith

No matter what faith you are, tap into your faith. If you believe in a higher being, then don’t be afraid to be thankful for your gift of creation. If a higher being believed in you enough to create you, then you must be something pretty special.

So, there you have it a few great ways to tap into your greatness when you need a lift and believe in yourself. How can you use these to lift yourself up?

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  1. Thanks for the awesome motivation! Also part of staying positive is surrounding oneself with positive individuals. This has helped me through the most difficult of times.

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