They Tried to Insult Me…

They Tried to Insult Me…

I was recently called a cheerleader.

It was meant as a insult.

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I just smiled.

I’m used to blonde jokes.

My happy smiles and bubbly personality often masks the very analytical and methodological left-brained side of how I think.

(Yes, I have Masters Degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics…but I WAS also a cheerleader in high school and proud of it!)

Let me share with you why I created Time, Money & Happiness Matters… I was:

  • Working too many long hours running multiple businesses at the same time
  • Putting on too much weight from lack of healthy food and exercise
  • Arguing with my husband too much (about how I was over-working)
  • Not getting good sleep because I was stressed about my long list of to-dos

When Cory and I moved out to the country…something clicked for me.

could have Balance.

…my unique definition of balance. IF… ONLY IF… I was more efficient and intentional with my time.

I could have both Success and Happiness. Did you know the…

#1 Struggle for Entrepreneurs is lack of TIME

Is this you too?

After surveying over 1000 entrepreneurs…it was clear what they needed help most in….finding a way to balance having more TIME, more MONEY, and more HAPPINESS!

I use that left-brained side of me to create programs and courses to teach other business owners how to get more time back in their day.

In a recent Facebook Live, I shared my 3 Step Process to Find More Time in Order to Repurpose and Gain More Visibility at the same time.

Repurpose Planning: Leverage your Time and Increase your Visibility

3 Steps to Leverage Your Content to Get More Our of Your Time and Increase your Visibility!I have been teaching leverage, leverage, leverage for years. My clients know that when they create a piece of content, we also try to break it apart to see how it can be repurposed and used in as many ways as possible. My team and I plan out several quarters worth of content at a time. I want to share with you how I get the most out of my planning through Repurposing. Save Time and Increase your Visibility too! Win Win! Give me a shout out with "READY TO PLAN" if you would like the show notes (and my "Find Your Content" Checklist). My happybot will ask you to follow some instructions in messenger. Are you READY TO PLAN? See you again next Friday at 10am PST. I appreciate all your Love and Likes, and Caring and Sharing.

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