Tips for Allergy Sufferers

Tips for Allergy Sufferers

As an allergy sufferer myself, I actually do feel like an expert on this particular subject. Sacramento is an awful place for folks with allergies! I am allergic to trees, so I have suffered many days of horrendous allergy symptoms that literally banned me to my house. Well, after close to 20 years of horrible allergies, I have learned some very helpful things to do and products to use to lessen my misery and hopefully help you lessen yours!

First and foremost, one must be diligent about their meds. Whatever allergy medicine works for you, take it every morning religiously. Do not skip days, don’t stop taking meds because you feel better and start taking your meds BEFORE your season comes around. You want these anti-histamines coursing through your body when allergy season hits. For me, I suffer almost year round. I have learned that skipping my meds is a bad idea for the very short 6 weeks when I feel relief. I take my allergy medicine year round. It sucks and it’s expensive but the sinus infection and doctor visits are much worse if I don’t start taking it in time. Another thing about meds is that while Claritan is great and a LOT of people defer to it, I have found that it is not very strong (that may be depending on the type of allergies you have), but my doctor has told me the same thing. If it’s not working for you, try something else like Zyrtec or Alavert.Tips for Allergy Sufferers-I've had my share of allergies and want to share my experience with you.

Allergy victims have all been told about the Neti Pot. If you are like me, you hate the idea of trying to pour water through one nostril and into the other. Yuck! Well, NeilMed Pharmaceuticals has come up with a Sinus Rinse reusable bottle and premixed packets that make this process so easy! It is super effective to rinse your sinuses once or twice a day during peak allergy season. I am telling you this four dollar item is one of the best purchases I have EVER made! It’s so easy to use and takes only a few seconds. Just lean over the sink and squeeze!

Tips for Allergy Sufferers-I've had my share of allergies and want to share my experience with you.

Some other super helpful tidbits for my fellow allergy victims:
1) Exercise in the morning. The allergens are at their lowest at this time.
2) When you come in from extended periods outside, rinse off in the shower and put on clean clothes. All that pollen gets on your skin and clothing and adds to your symptoms.
3) CHANGE YOUR AIR FILTER OFTEN!!!! Many people don’t do this and it is a really big deal. You should change it every quarter even if you don’t have allergies but if you do have allergies it is even more critical.
4) Watch the news for air quality status. If it’s a severe bad air day, don’t go for a long walk, run or bike ride. Allergy sufferers are in that sensitive group. Allergies compromise your upper respiratory even if you don’t have asthma. Stay indoors on these days.
5) If your every day allergy medicine is not a decongestant, take a decongestant if you are feeling extra stuffed up. Taking a decongestant every week or two can help keep you clear and help prevent sinus infections. Sometimes an anti-histamine just isn’t enough. Add a decongestant like Mucinex-D every so often.
6) Drink LOTS of water. This will help keep you hydrated as many allergy medicines can contribute to dehydration. Also, many allergy medications, especially decongestants, work better if you drink plenty of water.

I hope these tips help you as it has helped me. If you have any additional tips, and ways that work for you, please share it in the comment section below. On your way out, don’t forget to GRAB my FREE Manifesto Guide for everyday inspiration.

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  1. I was in pharmaceutical sales for decades and I had some allergy meds in my bag for a few years. Calling on allergy specialists was an eye opening experience for me as a non allergy suffer.You make all Excellent points that our medical literature recommended as well as the doctors.

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