Why Car Salesmen Aren’t the Scourge​ of the Earth

Why Car Salesmen Aren’t the Scourge​ of the Earth

I hate buying new cars.

{insert dread on my face emoji}

I’ve bought into the stereotype that car salesmen are salesy.

The reality is that the good ones are the ones who are personable, answering your questions, and making offers that are clear.

There are just so many options and honestly working with a good car salesmen can be a relief.

In the online world, it’s much the same.

It’s gotten very noisy the last several years.

There are so many good options for events, courses, programs etc.

And ones that really stand out are the ones you most resonate with, those that are sharing behind the scenes, mistakes and all, and those that are making clear offers.

Which leads me to today’s topic…

Scourge​ of the Earth

Get in the Habit of Including Strong Calls to Action

Everything you publish, whether it’s a sales page, a social media post, or a blog post – it needs to include a strong call to action.

Most people will not do anything other than like, or maybe share something they think is interesting, but they’re not going to click through or buy without a clear call to action.

If you want to increase your profit margin automatically, all you need to do is include strong calls to action on anything you publish.

What is a CTA?

A call to action is simply something that tells your ideal audience what to do next. It’s the thing the customer must do in order to get the results they want.

What makes a CTA strong?

To craft a strong call to action, it needs to be designed well, carry the right message, be in the right place so they’ll see it, and it should be something you can test.

For example, your CTA needs to be a real action that you can account for. A click, a comment, a like, a share, a purchase – are all trackable using technology.

Using Your CTAs

Where you put a CTA totally depends on what platform you’re using and whether it’s a sales page, a blog post, or a social media post or something else entirely.

Plus, it matters who your audience is and what they’re expecting to experience.

The fact is, if you’re going to publish anything, it needs a CTA.

If you are having issues coming up with a CTA, it may be because your content has no reason for existing.

This is a large reason why content and promotional calendars comes into play…and why such planning is one of the five steps in my Client Attraction System.


You’ll want to practice using CTAs so that you grow more accustomed to doing it automatically.

Before you post that next article you read, or that cat on the toilet picture, consider what action you want your audience to take next first.

EXTRA TIP: Write several CTAs for the one action so that you can schedule it to go out more than once with different CTAs so that the content always looks fresh.

Test & Track

When you create a CTA, you’ll want to note it in a spreadsheet or other record-keeping system so that you can remember to go back and test and track.

  • Did the CTA get people to take the action you wanted them to take?
  • How many times did you promote it and where, and did your CTAs work in those places?

Don’t post a blog post or a social media update without including a simple CTA.

A simple one that you didn’t give much thought to is better than nothing at all.

Of course, with practice, testing, and tracking, you’ll be able to improve beyond where you are today.

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