Bandwagon Promoters Don’t Build Trust With Their Subscribers

Bandwagon Promoters Don’t Build Trust With Their Subscribers

Some marketers worry about promoting to their list.

They fret about frequency, about selling anything, whether it’s their own product or someone else’s.

But there is usually nothing to worry about unless you’re a bandwagon promoter.

Bandwagon Promoters Don’t Build Trust

Bandwagon Promoters Don’t Build Trust with Their Subscribers

Bandwagon promoters are those who adhere to a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” philosophy.

They promote things based on who they’ve befriended that week.

It has nothing to do with relevancy for your list, or even quality of the product.

Spammy bandwagon jumpers are like well-trained dogs who abide by commands whenever someone they deem above them in the marketing world asks for their support in promoting their product.

They say yes because they want to be part of that in a crowd of marketers who all cross-promote one another.

If you find that there’s quality in the product, and it’s a good fit for your list, then there’s nothing wrong with being onboard a launch like this.

But if you promote something sight unseen or against your better judgment, then you’re only hurting your own reputation and your own future earnings, because your readers will know not to trust you later with your recommendations.

How do you say no to big-time marketers who hound you for your support?

You first tell them that you’d love to consider it.

Ask them to shoot over the files so you can review them and see if it’s a good fit for your audience.

If they balk, then you’ll know there’s a problem and that you don’t want to be sending your readers on to someone like that list.

Because that’s what you’re doing – sending them to be subscribers to the other marketer, so their ethics are important.

Sometimes you’ll see the conversions for a product soaring like crazy and the allure of those commissions and the leaderboard will seem like too much for you to turn away from.

But it’s very obvious to your readers if you’re a bandwagon jumper.

If they get an email from you, and chances are they got it from twelve other marketers, they’re going to instantly see who it is you’re aligned with.

You might get complaints from your readers that it reeks of desperation.

It’s better to save your promotions for what you really can feel proud of – something they’ll thank you for, instead.

As you plan your promotions and product launches, you’ll be less likely to feel the pull of quick cash because you’ll value the longevity of your list instead.

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