Netflix Went Down in Flames!

Netflix Went Down in Flames!

I took a poll recently, and the results might surprise you.

41% entrepreneurs use an online tool but don’t have their follow-up and nurture process very automated.


Not too far behind at 34% was the use of paper for a follow up process.

No matter the system you use, it’s crucial to your business to close the loop with your potential opportunities. Watch one of my Facebook Lives to learn 5 ways to follow up with your leads.

There's ONE thing that is KEY to having a successful business. I don't care what type of business you have.You can be brick and mortar or virtual, new or advanced in your business….and we ALL must be doing this ONE thing.Preferably Daily. This ONE thing has shifted how I sift through and prioritize all the craziness and 50 million to-do's as an entrepreneur. (okay maybe not 50 million..but sometimes it sure feels like it!) Seriously…when there is SOOOO much to get done…how do you know what will move the needle…and still focus on revenue tasks?!I call this ONE thing….drumroll….Closing the Loop.What exactly does this mean exactly?I will be sharing my 5 TOP methods I use to Close the Loop!…and HOW exactly can you make this happen!Shout it out…CLOSE IT…to receive today's Show Notes! and a special infographic recapping the 5 steps mentioned.I'll be going live again next Friday at 10am PST. I appreciate your support always!

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Which of these solutions are you using in your follow-up process?

  1. An online tool that keeps it all straight for you. (yes excel has many purposes!)
  2. A paper process to remind you what’s what and when. (post it notes are amazing!)
  3. An automated system that does it for you. (leaving more time to binge watch Netflix!)
  4. Follow-up, what’s that? (you need to find a process that will work for you still!)

Netflix went down in flames at only 13.8% of those polled

I’ve outlined my biggest 3 ways to leverage your time and know-how so you can turn your existing leads into raving fans and into your future sales. This is just the start of filling your pipeline so that you know where you future clients are coming from!

  1. Leverage You: Attract your future clients using your Brilliance
  2. Leverage Your (warmest) Traffic: Nurture your leads into Raving Fans
  3. Leverage your Content: Become consistent in your Visibility (& Growth)

Here are more stats that will blow your mind. (The mathematics/stats geek is coming out of me!)

A whopping 96% of visitors who come to your website aren’t ready to buy (yet) {a 2019 Marketo study}

And when I did a recent poll, 66% of entrepreneurs weren’t nurturing their new leads AT ALL!


According to Demand Gen, only 29% of brands nurture their existing customers beyond the initial purchase.

What are you doing to nurture your leads and existing customers?

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