Book Club – Water For Elephants

Book Club – Water For Elephants

Last night was our final book club of the year, well at least where we discussed a book, and the book was Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. I arrived a bit early to Natalie’s house to help with chili preparation. We made both a meat version and a veggie version. Chili in bread-bowls is perfect for the winter months. Once we had settled down with our food, we started some book discussion with the group.

I really enjoyed the Audible version of this book. I really love how the readers can really make it a performance and bring the characters to life. Our discussions ranged from the topics of senior-living to the class system. This book contains a lot of material about the treatment of not only animals, but of people as well. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I understand that the movie might have a few ‘rough’ scenes related to watching the treatment of animals, but I am excited to see the movie now.

Water for Elephants book club

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