Communicate To Win In Your Business

Communicate To Win In Your Business

When I think back on all of my business over the past 20 years, I see several overlaps in my success habits.

The one that really stands out is communication.

It’s SO important to be able to communicate your services and be sure you ask your subscribers what they need.

Communication is one thing every successful entrepreneur can’t do without!

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Communicate to Win in Your Business

What does every successful person have to offer?

They can communicate! 

Seems easy enough.

Out of all the skill-sets that are necessary to be a successful entrepreneur, communication may be the most important.

Think about it.

Communication is the only way for us to share concepts, ideas, feelings, or plans. It’s the only way we can tell others about ourselves.

If you own an online business, it’s the only way to attract the attention of new customers and keep the attention of current customers.

Since customers mean sales and sales mean profits, communication is your currency.

In other words, the manner in which you communicate is directly related to how much money you make.

That is a powerful thought.

And a little scary…

You can’t afford to communicate badly with your subscribers.

We talk about this A LOT in my Nurture Faucet program.

How do you become a good communicator in your business?

First, take the time to hone your communication skills and develop the most effective way to talk to your customer base.

Email is one of the things you really OWN in your business.

So use it!

Knowing what to say in your emails and how often can sometimes be confusing, but it’s essential to use your communications skills for your business profit.

Next, create and USE a consistent follow-up skill set.

Follow-up is nothing more than showing the people who you communicate with that they matter to you.

How do you do that?

Simply by dealing with and returning any communications you receive in a timely manner.

If someone leaves you a phone message, get back to them as soon as you’re able.

Same thing with email.

Be sure to reach out often and respond promptly.

If you receive a text on Facebook messager asking a question, answer it right away.

When you respond to people quickly, it shows them that they matter to you.

Because they do, don’t they!

This increases the opinion they have of you and your business.

This is not just a “feel good” side benefit of being polite.

The opinion of you and your business is an important, perhaps the most important, component of your reputation.

When you have a good reputation, you’ll find more opportunities knocking on your door.

You’ll attract more customers.

You’ll get more repeat business from the customers you have.

You’ll see greater numbers of joint ventures and partnership offers being proposed.

Your communication skills and the reputation you create will help get closer to your financial goals SO much faster.

If you need help creating a consistent and repeatable communication system for your email list, let me know.

I have dumped everything I know into one program.

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