What To Include In The Emails You Send To Your List

What To Include In The Emails You Send To Your List

Subscribing to an email list is an act of trust.

When someone signs up for your content, they’re trusting you to provide them with valuable information.

What you include in those emails lets your audience know who you are, establishes what you can offer, and can build or break that trust.

what to include in emails

What Do You Put in the Emails to Your List?

When you’re lucky enough to build a list of loyal subscribers, you want to handle that honor carefully.

Not everyone trusts people enough to hand over their name and email address, and no one likes to receive spam in their inbox.

But for some new marketers, it can be very intimidating trying to figure out what to put in emails to your list.

So let’s go over a smart strategy on what should go out in your marketing messages.

You’ll begin with a sincere welcome message to new subscribers.

This lets them know they’re officially on your list.

But it’s also a good time to over deliver to them with an unexpected free gift from you.

This could be a short free report that you wrote or even purchased private label rights to – as long as it’s something relevant and useful to those readers.

Make sure it’s some of your best work because if the first impression is weak, they might unsubscribe and leave your list quickly.

After the initial response goes out, they’ll be expecting to hear from you from time to time.

When those email messages get queued up, you want to make sure you’re always providing value.

Start out with a friendly message that’s personalized.

You don’t want to be all business, all of the time.

A short greeting about your day or week is plenty, but try to steer clear of inflammatory topics like politics.

You can promote any new info product creation that you have to your audience.

It’s even better if you can give your list a special sneak peek or discount that others don’t receive.

Likewise, you can promote other peoples’ offers, as long as they’re something your list is looking for and you feel they’re top quality.

Never promote blindly, or make recommendations just because you’re friends with someone.

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Send your list links to your blog posts.

Many people will miss your new blog entries, and they’ll enjoy going there and commenting as they build a camaraderie with the other like-minded people on your list.

You can also send them surveys.

People love giving their opinions.

If you use a tool like Survey Monkey, you can ask them questions about their needs and priorities.

They love this because it shows you care about them, and not just about how fast you can fill your own pockets.

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