How To Create A Connection With Your Audience In Your Email Newsletter

How To Create A Connection With Your Audience In Your Email Newsletter

You don’t have to choose between sharing valuable information and connecting with your audience.

In fact, you should be doing both!

Giving your readers the facts in an engaging way helps you nurture their relationship with your brand through entertainment and personal stories that share your message.

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Creating A Connection Through Your Newsletter

There’s a balance you have to strike when you email your readers, between providing a valuable newsletter and building the connection with your audience that’s going to help them trust you and convert into buyers.

Some people think you have to have an either/or approach.

Either you’re being conversational and connecting with your audience or creating a valuable newsletter.

But you don’t have to choose!

Remember that your newsletter can be conversational too.

You can balance the providing of good, helpful information with a personality and your readers will thank you for it!

That’s because many newsletters are boring to read.

They’re filled with nothing but facts and read somewhat like an encyclopedia.

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Nobody wants that coming into their email inbox.

So think of what you’d like to put in your newsletter.

Make a list of things such as product review, survey results, niche trend information, breaking news, success stories, and so on.

Not one of those has to be written in a sterile slant.

For instance, let’s say you’re in the weight loss niche and you see that the breaking news shows new development of a shot that can take double chins away.

You can open up a discussion through your newsletter, where you’re informing them about the new shot and discussing your personal opinions and thoughts about it.

Maybe you’ll be humorous and laugh about how fast it would take you to go back for a second shot.

Or maybe you’d be solemn and show disappointment in how everyone’s still searching for that quick fix, rather than getting to the root of the issue, which would be overeating and poor food choices.

Always try to insert some of your personal stories into the mix.

If you’re promoting or recommending a product that talks about picking a niche, then add a story about your first “niche picking disaster.”

This is what makes you human to your readers – the transparency, paired with good value that shows you’re being helpful and showing genuine concern for your readers.

They want to be entertained, not talked to like a student being forced to study boring information.

This is one reason why you need to make a decision about whether or not you allow solo ads to be purchased in your newsletter.

They’re often very cold and spammy, and they’ll stand out as harsh among your conversational style in a good newsletter.

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