Creating Effective Marketing Messages

Creating Effective Marketing Messages

Attracting your ideal client isn’t always an easy task.

I know this first hand.

When I created my first lead magnet, I was soooooo excited to see possible leads booking calls with me.

Twenty calls were booked in a few short weeks.

But I learned a very tough lesson…

After 0 of those 20 calls converted into a client…I realized my messaging was completely wrong!

You’ve likely created your ICA (ideal client avatar) and it’s still not easy.

Copywriting is a science.

And engagement with them is critical.

When it comes to marketing, customer service, and even product and service creation, being able to…

Narrow down your audience to just one person is an amazing catalyst for success.

If you can get this one thing, everything you do from here on out will be easier.

Let’s look at all the reasons you should narrow your focus to one person at a time.

It Makes It Easier to Find Your Audience 

When you have an audience of one, doing the research necessary to find them becomes much easier.

Finding “all single moms” is a lot harder than finding a specific subset of a single mom.

The great thing is, this doesn’t limit your market at all.

It will increase your reach, spread awareness, and bring in more sales.

Creating Effective Marketing Messages that Resonate with Your Audience Becomes Simple

When you know exactly who you’re creating messages for, creating them becomes simple.

If you know you’re writing a sales page for a laid-off female accountant over age 50, then you know a lot about her.

You can write your message just to her.

Helps Save Money and Time When Choosing Where to Market

Since you know exactly who you want to reach, and where they are, now you can save money and time by going right where they are with your marketing messages.

You can place advertisements in the right places, join the right groups, go to the right meetings, and be more successful because you’re connecting with the right people who want what you are selling.

Increases Product Creativity & Success

When you know exactly who you want to work with, creating products and services becomes about figuring out what they want and need based on their problems and the types of solutions you can provide.

You essentially create what they’re asking for, put it in front of them, and boom – you’re a success.

The other way – creating a product or service first then trying to find the market – is a waste of your efforts.

Here are a few more reasons…

It Enables You to Serve the People Who are Ready to Buy

When you focus on your customer of one, you are freed to serve the people who are ready to purchase your offerings.

You don’t have to convince people, or trick them, or lure them with false promises or even emotional words to convince them.

They see the truth in your words and see the value of your products or services automatically because it’s made just for them.

Experience Success at a Faster Rate

When you narrow your audience down to the ideal customer of one, you’re going to experience success at a much faster rate.

It’s going to happen because you’re speaking to the right people, at the right time, in the right place, in the right way, offering the right products or services that they need – and need right now.

Builds a Devoted Community and Following that Sing Your Praises

You’ve seen it happen to others that you follow.

Maybe it’s an actor, maybe it’s a politician, perhaps a coach.

They’re so good at communicating with their audience that their followers almost seem cult-like.

This might seem a little scary to some, but it’s what you want if you want to really make a difference with your audience of one.

Once you show them that you are there for them, creating for them, thinking of them – night and day – and that you care about them, they want to be part of your group and they’ll invite others to become part too.

Improves Your Ability to Provide Top-Notch Customer Service

Just like focusing on your audience of one helps you in all other aspects of your business from marketing to product creation, it also helps you provide better customer service.

Since you know your audience, you can provide the right kind of customer service for them that will make them feel important and cared about.

As you can see, targeting one person makes everything simpler and more importantly, more effective.

I share this because this was a tough pill for me to swallow. I resisted narrowing my focus.

While most of us don’t like politics much, we can learn something from their marketing.

Look at political ads. Go to YouTube and watch them.

Especially watch the ones that are opposite of your viewpoint.

Are you offended?

Good. That’s the point.

They want to turn you off and attract only their audience.

It works.

It’s worked for many years and works for business even better because you’re not being divisive, you’re simply trying to narrow your message enough so that you draw your ideal audience to you.

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