Disney Officially Bans Selfie Sticks

Disney Officially Bans Selfie Sticks

A few weeks ago, Disney officially bans Selfie Sticks, also known as a Monopods.

Don’t be surprised because people tend to not abide by the rules when bringing these sticks in. It’s really about common sense, and taking them on rides and attractions can imperil those around you and yourself.A few weeks ago, Disney officially bans Selfie Sticks, also known as a Monopods. Read more on why, and how you can still use yours elsewhere.

We’ve heard and seen terrible stories on derailed trains, and we don’t want that happening with rides and attractions at the parks. Selfie sticks can be dangerous if you lose grip. If you’ve been on a ride that goes faster than 40 MPH, it’s difficult to even hold on to your seat. Don’t get me wrong, I love rides and attractions, but if someone was holding out a selfie stick, I’d be a little concerned, too.

Disney isn’t the only park to ban selfie sticks, even some other parks like Six Flags, concert venues, and museums have had it. It seems like this inventive tool has turned into a terrible one- and everyone that doesn’t use it, despise it. However, I’ve recently gone to the San Diego Zoo, and San Diego Safari Park, which still allows selfie sticks. Just be sure to use it wisely and not poking them towards animals.

Despite the negative connotations made, and officially banned signs, there’s always a positive side to this story. Selfie sticks may be banned at most major theme parks, and other sites, but they aren’t at home while saving memories of your kids, family, your pets, and when traveling. Think of it as a more personal use, and when you’re in an open field of endless selfie backgrounds, imagine how wonderful the photos will be when you reflect back in time.

Every tool has its perks, but for now, if you’re planning an awesome trip to Disney theme parks, and any other attractions, just bring your regular camera. Remember to always be courteous to and mindful of others. We all go to the happy place for a reason, and that’s enjoying happy moments with family.

Share your thoughts – Should Selfie Sticks be banned at theme parks and other attractions?

Experience and review your own selfie stick-You be the judge.

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